1. Fathima zohra

    Hi Bart Bargett, I am Fathima. I have all the 4 hell traits except the dual personality!
    How do I change? I have been practicing the Handwriting Level one book! but still It is taking a lot of time! But yes there is an improvement. I was a large writer, but now I am medium writer! Please help!!!!!!!!!!

  2. tanushree mondal

    hello Bargett,I`m tanushree.Yes, i`m sensitive to criticism.often i say ‘i don`t care what others think’.what should i do to change myself????????????????

  3. Hema Sarin

    Hi .. It has been mentioned many times that change in ones writing can bring positive changes but where people who dont write a lot in their day to day lives as you know most of our work is now on computers, emails, smart phones etc.. etc.. In such scenario how can handwriting help to improve an individual personality??

  4. Michael Wecke

    Hi Hema, the answer could lie in starting a handwritten journal or diary, where you could exercise positive traits to diminish negative traits. This needs to be undertaken like anything, where you wish to improve or excel – consistently and with persistence. Leopards – in the “human” domain – can change their spots, as the constant practice of positive handwriting traits makes writers more aware of whatt they are trying to achieve and they will enjoy a cumulative effect of such practice. It’s all about awareness. I sometimes exhibit a triangular “g” stroke in the lower zone (“Home Tyrant”?) – and immediately I will pay attention to writing a rounder, lower zone g-loop.

  5. santosh ambavale

    Highly knowledge oriented article. Thank you Sir.

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