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The Professional Handwriting Anaysis Software you are about to use is called Grapho-Web 2.1. It is the creation of over 10 years of research by well known author and handwriting expert Bart Baggett. As you already know, Bart is the director of Handwriting University International and has certification "students" studying and working in over 15 different countries.

Grapho-Web 2.1 is designed to assist the TRAINED handwriting analyst in creating a fast written analysis based on the basic 100+ personality traits. Then, using the analyst's own word processor, customize the report to each each client's unique personality.

Naturally, if you are untrained or unfamiliar with the basic handwriting terms, this program will not be as accurate or as useful as it will be to the people trained as a professional. Because of this, Grapho-Web is only accessible to people currently enrolled in Handwriting University's Level 401 Professional Handwriting Analyst's Marketing Program, which guides certified handwriting analysts in the business of professional handwriting analysis. If you are NOT enrolled in this course, you are not allowed access. If you do not have a password, you cannot access the program. We issue new passwords each month only to enrolled students, as this program is not downloadable. We update it frequently and the most current version is on this server. Please visit to enroll in the "Professional Marketing Course" and be issued a current password. All courses carry a one year money back guarantee, and the 401 course offers lifetime access to this software, so if the curiosity is building, you have a full year to satisfy it with no risk.

Enjoy the program.

PS. All programming suggestions can be e-mailed to our home office or our web programmer (via the "Feedback" email at the bottom of the application web page). We are open to improving and updating this program per your suggestions. Remember to read and run spell check on each report before you give it to a paying client.

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