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Audio Lesson Speak To You

You get to hear directly from Bart Baggett in PRESS PLAY audio files which explain each personality trait, concept, even the big fears.  Some audio is recorded in studio and some are recorded live from a seminar.  You get access to both so you learn faster.  Don't be surprised if you laugh out loud (He is pretty funny).

Video Tutorials

This course is designed for beginners and includes numerous video tutorials to make learning fun and easy.  Just grab a sample of handwriting and watch the video training.  These videos are short and to the point.  (Less than 8 minutes each.)

A Word From The Author

“I love the science of handwriting analysis.  It makes me very happy to see beginners discover the insights you can have when taught the science...not just the sizzle. That’s what this course is all about. This introductory course is fast, easy, and you will never be confused.  It's a fun and easy place to start this study.”

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