Pope Francisco’s Handwriting in Ataturk’s Shrine Visitors’ Book Reveals the Truth about him.


A few days ago, on the 28th of November 2014, the Pope Francisco visited Turkey for the first time since his papacy began March 13, 2013. He is the forth pope to ever visit Turkey.

His first stop was at the shrine of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk the founder of the New Turkish Republic, where he placed a big bouquet of red roses and signed few words in the visitors’ book. This last part is what made my eyes twinkle.

As I was watching the broadcast, I wished to have a glimpse at his handwriting, even if it’s just a few lines. Seeing it won’t change the world–won’t change everyone’s their perspective of him–but it would definitely change mine. I needed to have a better understanding of this highly appreciated persona in some parts of the world, and at the same time a highly condemned in others. Luckily my wish was granted and I was able to lay my hands on this historical writing of his.

Coming from an Arab world with all its conspiracy theories you can imagine what would be the first traits that I looked for in the Popes handwriting… or maybe you can’t! Well let me make it easy for you, I was looking for all the possible traits that could make some religious persona an evil one, anything that proves that he is not what he is pretending to be. I was looking for resentment feelings, for a party guy, for some weird perverted stuff, you know… like they picture in movies, but none of this did I find in his handwriting.

Here is what the Pope really is in some of his life aspects according to the sample provided below:


Socially wise- His extremely tiny, barely readable handwriting says that he is someone withdrawn into himself who can’t easily open up for anyone anywhere. Revealing himself to the world is a big issue for him.

This tiny handwriting also says that there is a huge amount of concentration presence in him, which is only natural for someone in his position. He needs to watch for every word, every step, every move, and he obviously does that well.

His straight downward(y) assures that he is a loner man with no need for anyone beside himself, no matter how crowded it is around him.

The breaks within the same word show that he is someone with a sense of intuition–but in a more hidden way and he rarely follows it.

Pope Francisco is known for his concern for the poor, and that shows clearly in his handwriting, his wide spacing between words stands for his generous nature.

Politically wise- Politics for the Pope probably has a different approach than it does for the rest of politic figures around the world and, to tell you the truth, I was happy to see that angled loop in his (L).


This angled loop stands for someone who has an open mind for the different religious beliefs and ideas. He is someone who analyzes everything in this regards and is ready to be understanding of them. This only makes sense for someone to be a great religious figure and a representative of the culture of love and compaction; he needs to open his heart and mind for all types of people from all those various backgrounds and beliefs.


However being this open minded doesn’t mean he will follow anyone who places an idea in front of him; he is very independent in his thinking and that is shown by his short stemmed (d).


His tiny closed loop (o) is an indication of how extremely secretive he is, which is suitable for all kinds of political people.

Health – here is where my biggest shock came from, I saw these tiny breaks -in few of his words- indicating some health issues in the part that those breaks occur in, in this case it was just below the upper part of those words, so it wasn’t in the head and it wasn’t in the heart it was somewhere in between.

Which led me to look the Pope’s medical condition in the web, to see what he suffers from. Here was the shock; it says that the Pope has only ONE LUNG, and that the other one he lost in his early youth, during some health crises he went through back then.


Seriously… handwriting can’t be more revealing than this. Imagine, even the health conditions of someone can be told from his writings! I’m just in love with this science.

So now in summary, what we have from the Pope’s handwriting clears the air about lots of suspicious myths about his persona–at least myths we have in Arab world–after seeing his handwriting, and shows how he is just a humble old man who is trying to connect humans through peace messages and a better understanding of one to another. To be honest… I think I might enjoy a cup of tea with him someday.


Until then; be happy, and live positively.

Lina Husham


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  1. Priceless! Thanks for sharing!
    Small writing also indicative of someone very “business” orientated?

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