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Handwriting University's Weekly Strokes Newsletter

Point by point analysis of the USA candidates.
Written by Bart Baggett for ParisMatch,
one of France's leading publications.

Over 1 million readers weekly.

Paris Match editors asked Bart Baggett, the #1 US handwriting
expert to give a point by point comparison of the two
candidates utilizing ALL the handwriting, including the two
new samples received for this analysis.

View new sample of Kerry
View new sample of Bush

*Note. Neither handwriting sample has been
authenticated, but there is no reason to suspect fraud..

Emotional Outlay

Kerry: Kerry is actually more responsive to
his gut feeling, emotions, and appeals of the
heart. This makes him sympathetic and

However, the downside in this personality
"emotional outlay" is that emotionally responsive
people are often easily persuaded, subject to
addictions, and often make irrational, emotionally
based decisions...despite logical assessments.

Heart rules and emotional storms usually follow.
But, because Kerry is "anal retentive," the general
public and often his family will not see these mood
swings and his emotional responses are often "ultra
controlled" and "unexpressed," despite the effect
they have on his decisions.

Bush: Bush is in the average category of most
Americans, and only one "emotional category"
less emotional than Kerry. Therefore, he is
compassionate, he does relate with his feelings,
and emotions do play a role in his decisions.

However, Bush tends to be a bit more balanced
than Kerry and allows his judgment and personal
best interests to rule over his compassion, and
tendency to show his feelings.

Both men allow their emotions to influence their
decisions, though Bush is a bit more logical.

Self-esteem / Ego

Kerry: Remember, the ego and self-esteem are
different. Ego is one component of healthy
self-esteem, and Kerry has a healthy, healthy
ego. In fact, one could call his ego "vanity."

Often, vanity is a cover for a person with some
low self-esteem issues. It would be unfair to
say Kerry has low self-esteem, but it would be
unfair not to say his previous low self-esteem
was a root cause for his "need to be recognized,"
and his constant desire for public and personal

I don't think he is fearful, which is often
related to low esteem, in fact the only thing he
fears is disapproval, not death. Interesting fear,
since being President is a job where you will always
have enemies in thought. However, when someone is
that deep in vanity, they would never admit to being
afraid anyway.

Bush: Bush has a much more balanced and healthy
sense of self-esteem. While he sure seems to
appear arrogant and stubborn over the past four
years, his ego and esteem are relatively healthy
(when compared to other top executives and
politicians - it's normal.) One shouldn't
confuse stubbornness with high-esteem; but,
Bush has a lot of both.

There are two samples of Bush's handwriting.
The RNC victory sample shows some low t-bars,
and some high t-bars, which indicates a moderate
esteem. However, the other, more hurried
handwriting sample shows dreamer t-bars, high
t-bars, and only a few low t-bars. All of which
indicate a stronger sense of himself when he is
relaxed, natural, and not attempting to be
"correct," such as in a campaign thank you note.


Kerry: Good ethics, intelligent, philosophically
inclined, good energy, enthusiasm, ability to
concentrate and work long hours. He can keep
a secret.

Bush: Ability to control, intelligent, plans
ahead, strong drives, enthusiasm and diplomacy,
and willpower. Bush's ability to take charge
and his ability to see long-term goals are
assets. Good intuition.


Kerry: Vanity, need for approval, low self-esteem
juxtaposed with a large ego, need to control things
around him: anal retentive in a compulsive way.

Bush: Stubborn, needs control, loves power,
sarcastic, short tempered with those less
intelligent than he is, talkative (says things
before he thinks)

Sex and Physical Drive

Nothing extraordinary about either man.

Kerry: Strong drives, very healthy (although the
notes are not current.) But, he is a loner,
so he needs alone time and space. Has
introverted qualities, despite his extroverted
emotional outlay.

Bush: Strong drives, which include imagination
and trust. Healthy sex drive.

Differences in Character

Kerry: More predictable and even-tempered than
Bush. Has a fear of breaking protocol and is
more focused and intense. More pensive.
Probably reads more than Bush. Kerry thinks.
Bush acts.

Bush: Has two different handwriting samples
(fast and slow style), which indicate a more
controlled persona in public and a more
"dynamic" and free-flowing, fast thinking
style when his guard is down. Both sides are
similar, but the "faster" handwriting reveals
a bit more of the ambition and a bit more of
the sarcasm, condescending thoughts, and
irritability at people not doing as he says.


Who is best fit for the job? (disregarding
the fact that Bush currently has the job):

Both men can do the job, simply based on
resume. However, based on my experience in
corporate settings, the man with the ability
to be most flexible under pressure usually
succeeds when turmoil strikes.

Anyone can sail a ship on a smooth day; it
takes a flexible and strong captain to sail
a ship through a storm. In my opinion,
Bush has more flexibility and stronger
leadership skills than Kerry. But, using
that metaphor, if you don't like where the
ship is heading, you sure won't like the

So, if you don't care for either man's
political opinions, you won't like their
leadership. Politics is as much about
beliefs as it is about character. I'm
sure both will do an adequate job. And,
I'm sure the world won't like America
any better, no matter who wins.

Written by Bart Baggett
President of Handwriting

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