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Handwriting Analysis of
Presidential Candidate

George W. Bush

Take a look at the handwriting sample and follow
along as I give you my analysis of GW's personality.

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No Bias

I'd like to point out that this has absolutely no political
bias whatsoever. I'm saying this is a human being, not
a hated or loved political person. How does he think,
what does he feel, what's his emotional outlay? What
personality traits does he have?

Now, each time I do an analysis of any candidate, we
get e-mails from angry people that feel we are pandering
to a particular political party. Well, I'll just lay it out
on the line. Personally, I don't trust either one of these
men to really represent me, Bart Baggett, in my own
personal, political, social, and economic beliefs. So,
I'm not a big fan of either. But, that will NOT effect
my analysis… I'm a pro. So, remember that if you
don't like the results.

If this was your best friend, or your husband or your
boyfriend, or even the President, what could you expect
from a personality perspective?

Comparing the Two

I have to tell you, between George Bush and
John Kerry, at least neither one has too many
hell traits. In the past with politics, we've had
a lot of question marks, we've had a lot of
questions with integrity and ethics, and both
men actually come out in the 'A' category of
ethics and integrity. (You Bush-haters may
disagree, but secretive is different than lack
of ethics.)

So, politics, beliefs or political ideology, aside,
I think their motivations are sincere; they think
they are acting in the best interest of their country.

If you want to share your opinion about this
handwriting, or the analysis, just visit the
Handwriting University bulletin board and
post your comments.

The Analysis

So let's take the handwriting of George Bush
step by step, and I'll show you where I get
some of this information:

Emotional Outlay

First of all, George Bush tends to slant to the right.
You'll find that people who slant to the right will be
much more warm, much more friendly, and more
emotional than someone who slants to the left, or
perhaps someone who block prints all of the time.

People who slant to the right tend to have more
empathy with other people. For George Bush, it's
very simple to have empathy, and it's natural; so,
when that warmth comes across, it is genuine.
(Just because he isn't a great speaker like past
presidents does not mean he isn't compassionate!)

The downside to having lots of emotional outlay, is that
you tend to have more mood swings; and/or, maybe
more prejudices. I don't see prejudice as a "personality
trait," but realize, anyone who is moved by their
feelings, tends to take feelings as a huge influence
over even basic logic.


The good news for George Bush, is that he is intelligent.
We see intelligence a number of places, but first and
foremost are the letters m and n. (Again, the Fahrenheit
911 fans will argue he isn't smart. Perhaps he didn't seem
very quick, but his handwriting does say he has intelligence.)

In the first sentence, it says the word "challenge," and
you see the n is very pointy. In the second sentence,
"I am the Republican…" those m's look like tall,
German churches, like needlepoints.

That's a sign of a very fast, very analytical mind. I'd
say skeptical mind, skepticism meaning that they dig
deeply into every issue, and don't just take the surface

So, you've got a highly-intelligent man with a strong
emotional outlay and a good self-image.


Now, let's talk about self-esteem, which is one of the
mantra's of our entire selection of courses, and my
books, and one of the things that I really hope you
walk away with, in gaining an understanding of
handwriting analysis in general.

Regarding self-image, one of the key factors is how
high you cross the letter t. You see in the words,
"Republican candidates," the word "candidates," has
a t-bar almost at the very top of the stem. Now this
looks quite normal in George Bush's handwriting, but
I can tell you, people will argue vehemently, because,
"It looks funny if I write the t on top of the stem."

Well, in my research and interviews of some of the most
successful men and women in the world, they tend to have
great self-images and high goals, and this is reflected by
the lower-case t-bar crossed on the upper part of the stem.

Read this book for 435 pages of success secrets of rich and
happy people. (

There has been lots of speculation as to GW's success as
a business man in the oil and sports business. However,
in my experience it does take confidence and a vision to
put together deals the size of buying a major league
baseball team (Texas Rangers).

He does write like a typical entrepreneur and business man.
He does not write like a receptionist or engineer.

Self-esteem comes into play when he faces confrontation
and is forced to take action that many others might disagree
upon. His strong sense of what he feels is right and wrong
is a great trait of a leader (given you agree with his position.)

Energy Level

Now, energy level is an important aspect for any successful
person You'll see that very successful men and women
tend to have very strong physical drives. You'll know this
just because people that are tremendously unhealthy, can't
focus on changing the world because they can't get out of
bed in the morning. The lower zone loops indicate physical
drive. GW's lower loops are above average.

Health is a big issue, and you'll see the very large lower
loops as an indicator of very strong physical drive; a very
healthy physical drive.

Sex & Physical Drive

In past courses I've talked about this as the sex drive.
It is sex drive at some point, but energy is located at the
same part of the brain as sex drive, and these lower loops
also refer to a sense of trust. There's a lot encapsulated in
that one letter.

So, you see someone who is trusting, is open; you can
get close to this man. Obviously, with as many people
as are around him, you may not be able to get close to
him now, but, it's not like he has one best friend. He
has a lot of friends, and he's very warm and genuine.

Fluid Thinker

President Bush has the ability to weave words and be a
strong writer. The word "challenge," in the very top
sentence, you see that g that looks like a figure eight:
you see it repeatedly throughout the g's, and even his f's
sometimes have a very fluid connectedness, which makes
them look like a figure eight.

Now, I did find a lot of t-bars in the middle-zone, if they
connect to the next letter. If you've read our Home Study
Course, at, you'll realize that
this doesn't indicate a low self-image, it indicates fluidity
of thinking. When you see a variety of t-bars, it does
indicate some other traits sometimes.

Sometimes, like in the word "other," at the very first
line of his letter, the t and the h are connected. This
symbolizes the ability to be efficient, and take one
thought into the other thought. You'll find this trait in
writers, in radio hosts, and in public speakers. You
sometimes see it in good dancers. I don't know if he's
a good dancer, but it wouldn't surprise me if he had
a good fluidity of motion, because your legs and your
physiology also are fluid, just like your tongue
would be fluid.

Fluidity of thinking is another sign of intelligence,
so you will find that he will be a decent speaker.
I don't think he will ever be as charming as
Ronald Reagan, but he will be a decent speaker.

His Parents

Interesting trait about his capital I's. Notice when
he says, "I face the challenge," and later he says,
"While I am very fortunate," his I has a loop on
the top, but not on the bottom. Now, in the
handwriting community, there are differing opinions
as to what this means. But, in general, the bottom
loop would relate to the father, and the top loop
would relate to the mother, that's the general

It's interesting because you would think, well,
since his father was President, he must be very
close to his father. But he's more close to his
mother than his father, because he has a loop
on the top, which means a good, healthy
relationship with his mother, and then a lack
of a relationship with his father. It doesn't mean
he doesn't like him, there's no resentment there,
no problem; but, there's a lack of connectedness.

As I thought about it, I wondered if maybe, when
he was growing up, perhaps because his father
was so successful, and was so involved with politics,
maybe he didn't have as much time with his son,
George W. Bush, as perhaps he wanted to, therefore
GW's relationship with his mother formed stronger.

We would have to look at the History books to know
for sure. I'm sure any psychologist has an opinion
on that.

I'm not saying this has any lasting repercussions
which could effect the country, I'm not saying he
needs to be hugged more, but it is interesting that
the capital I does indicate a strong loop on top and
no loop on the bottom.


Notice the signature: this is an indicator of pride,
ego and self-esteem. When he writes, "Sincerely,
George Bush," the G is relatively small, which
actually is a sign of humility. The B in Bush is a
little bit larger than the G in George, which indicates
that his pride, relating to the last name Bush, is big.

If you were to ask him, "Which are you more
proud of, are you proud of George, or are you
proud of Bush?" he's proud of the Bush name,
he's proud of the legacy that his family has.

You'll see sometimes the opposite occur in the
signature of divorced women, where their first
0name is big, but the divorced husband's name is
much smaller, because they have a little bit of
shame associated with that name.

And, in other signatures I have seen, his first letter
is larger than it appears in this correspondence. So,
either his ego got bigger over the last four years or
he was just being humble when he wrote this.

Of course, it isn't a surprise for a man to act humble
when writing a "thank you" letter to donors. I don't
think arrogance is his style, but neither is humility.


No matter what your political affiliations will be, I
think from the perspective of determining what
someone's personality is like, George Bush would
be a good, solid human being, a man of integrity
and character to sit in the White House of the
United States of America.

He has the basic character traits I have found in
other successful men and women. Now, if we
could only tell political beliefs from handwriting…
we would have no question who would represent
us better.

Written by Bart Baggett
President of Handwriting

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