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Handwriting Analysis of
Presidential Candidate

John F. Kerry

Take a look at the handwriting sample and follow along
as I give you my analysis of John Kerry's personality.

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No Bias

I want to be sure to point out that this analysis is not
politically biased. What I will say is that I am going to
take the handwriting in context of the fact that this guy
is running for political office, and that's where I have
elected to address particular issues, because of what's
been presented in the news, and what the public is
currently discussing.

But, as far as myself personally, this has nothing to do
with political opinions. One thing that is very difficult
to tell from handwriting analysis is someone's beliefs;
political beliefs, or moral beliefs.

Most people dislike John Kerry or dislike George Bush
based on their political beliefs, or their beliefs about
certain aspects of the world, like war or abortion. That
would not come up in handwriting analysis.

What handwriting analysis does, is give us a picture of
the personality, how they make decisions, and if they're
motivated by other people's opinions, by internal
opinions, or by internal strife, including chemical

I encourage you to go ahead and read the section on
George Bush. I will be equally unbiased as far as how
this addresses the positive and negative traits. I will
simply put it in the context of being President of a
country, or a leader.

And remember this, these analyses are not based on,
or biased toward, the candidates' belief systems or
attitudes toward politics. I think all of you reading
this would be surprised at where my own personal
politics lie, because they don't relate to the analysis
of the human being, as far as my position as a voter
and an American Citizen.

Past & Present

We're looking at John Kerry's handwriting, and we have
two handwriting samples to choose from. The two page
letter was written back in the 1970's, if my recollection is
correct from where it was posted. This is from when he
was in college, or just after Vietnam, so it's not a current
handwriting sample.

The one current handwriting sample we do have is of
his signature, which is very similar to his writing on the
letters from the past. The only difference is that his
signature now, in 2004, is much larger, which would
make sense for a man that has stronger ego needs, as
well as some more self-esteem and self-confidence.

The Analysis

Let's take a look at John Kerry's handwriting, with the
assumption that it hasn't changed too much in 20 years,
based on the handwriting samples of his signature that
we see currently.


The first thing you'll notice is that the overall look of
the handwriting is very pretty. It looks perfectionist.
It almost reminds me of a 17th century signature on
the Declaration of Independence.

There are two reasons it looks that way: first of all, it's
incredibly rigid. If you took a ruler, you could draw a
baseline underneath the line of the writing, and you
could almost perceive a line having been there, even
though there is no visible line.

That is a trait called perfectionism - it can be a good
trait if you're getting a house, or if you're editing a
document. It can be a negative trait as well.

Psychologists often call a trait of excessive perfectionism
"neurotic," and neurotic means they have an excessive
need to control their environment, to control themselves,
and control other people. It can be a very, very negative
trait, because it is the fear of not being in control - the
fear of things going wrong.

Philisophical & Energy

The second trait that jumps out that makes it look very
aristocratic is the very, very high, big upper loops and
the big lower zones. The excessive ink in the upper
and lower zones indicates a real strong desire for a
couple of things: He's very philosophical and he's
obviously well-educated. Any time somebody has
lots of upper-zone strokes, it means they spend a lot
of time thinking, a lot of time perhaps meditating, or,
if you're not into meditation, it could be praying.

The large lower loops sort of balance out that spiritual
with a physical nature; exercise, sensuality, all of those
things are exaggerated. So, he is prone to exaggeration,
but at the same time, he wouldn't be gregarious or

Emotional Outlay

The reason he's not overly emotional is because, when
someone has small writing, even though it slants to the
right, that person has incredible focus and concentration.
This is important, because it creates a brake on his natural
tendency toward impulsive behavior. His natural
tendency is to let his emotions really sway his opinion;
yet, he's not going to act on it, or let people know he's
feeling that way, because of what we can see in the
small, concentrated handwriting and the other "brake,"

So, it's interesting, a lot of his decision-making and
policies are going to be based on gut-feeling and
emotions, but he's not going to let you know that,
because he's not going to be obnoxious in presenting
his views.

Protocol, Vanity & Pride

He's not one to get caught saying the wrong thing
in a social setting. In fact, in the really, really high
strokes in the stems of the letters d and t, you'll
see an indication of pride and vanity. These tall
d and t stems are everywhere in his writing; they're
probably eight times as big as the middle zone,
especially because those middle zone letters are
so small.

That indicates pride, to the extent of vanity, and to
the extent of an excessive need to adhere to protocol,
which would also relate to words like "honor."

We recently had the controversy over his "Purple Heart,"
his honor. He thinks he's a man of honor, in fact things
like protocol, honor, society, are all very important to

A lot of us are from lower or middle class society,
and we don't know what social circles are. But John
Kerry, especially since he remarried in the Heinz family,
his whole world is "social class." In other words, he's
very class-conscious. He's very status-conscious. I
wouldn't be surprised if he was very label-conscious in his
attire, very label-conscious in his car, in the area of town in
which he lives, in the labels and the criteria of his friends.

This is a big red flag coming from a personality standpoint,
because it indicates that a lot of his decisions are made with
the desire to be approved of by other people, and with a
desire for social acceptance.


In the weeks when he wrote this letter, social acceptance
was his major motivation in life. This also holds true,
because when he wrote this letter, his self-image was not
very good. His signature is not very high, his t-bars are
relatively low on the stem, compared to his more recent

His t-bars are not very high in the phrase, "I just don't,"
(see picture) which indicates an average self-image; but
his vanity, or his t-stems are very, very tall, which means
he has a need for approval. So, people who know him
would argue that he does not have a low self-image, and
that he does not struggle with an inferiority complex. I
would argue that at the time he wrote this letter, he did,
and his need for approval and need for validation work
to compensate for the low self-image.

I think that one of the reasons he wants to be President,
is that he wants the validation that he never really
received before; so, he really wants the validation from
everybody, and that's his motivation.

His Strengths

Is he a strong guy? Oh, I think he's got a lot of
strengths. Is he disciplined? I think he has tremendous
discipline. Does he maintain propriety and good
protocol? Yes, he's not going to embarrass anybody.

His Weaknesses

His downfall is that he does want approval, and he wants
approval by certain people in certain circles. This, to me,
is the opposite of someone with a real, strong, internal
sense of right and wrong. In the press, he's been accused
of waffling on issues, he's been accused of changing his
mind. It's not that he doesn't have a good mind - he has
a very analytical mind, he's a very bright guy. In fact,
he almost reminds me of Jimmy Carter - a very bright,
analytical guy, but doesn't necessarily have the internal
strength to make a profound, effective leader.

The need for approval, and the concern with what other
people think, is a negative trait, and a red flag against
him in a leadership role. Now, that doesn't mean that
he can't do it - many people with average self-images
have been successful leaders, especially on the battlefield.

It's not the only criteria, but if you agree with somebody's
internal ethics, and you want them to stick to those ethics,
then this is somebody you might want to question being the
leader, because his ethics are often based on public opinion.

Sex & Physical Drive

Finally, his y-loops are very large, so when he wrote this,
he was a bit open-minded and experimental.
He was able to be talked into
things, as well as very open-minded in a physical sense;
also very outgoing, very physical in terms of exercise and
sensuality. I don't have any current handwriting samples,
so I don't know if that's changed in his old age.

By the way, we tried and tried to find a current handwriting
sample of John Kerry and were unsuccessful. So, yes, we
would have preferred to use a more recent sample,
but it was not available. We don't think the analysis
would have changed that much.


What we've got here, is a man who is a very specific
kind of individual. He's a man who requires respect when
he walks into a room, is open to input and prone to follow the
pack when making decisions. By the way, he's very different
than the individual that George W. Bush is. We've
seen many of the things that George Bush is and is
not over the last four years. And, we've seen a few surprises.

Written by Bart Baggett
President of Handwriting

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