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Handwriting University's Weekly Strokes Newsletter
Do You Write Like You're Rich and Happy?


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Written by Bart Baggett
(Excerpted from the "The Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy" )

Be willing to give up what you are
for what you can become.


The Secret Science Of Graphotherapy

After I started to study the science of handwriting
analysis, I realized that all great men and women
were within my ability to study. If I could just find
a sample of their handwriting, I could get a clue
into their characters. If I knew which habits or
personality traits they possessed, I could "model"

Upon embarking on my research, I discovered
that Benjamin Franklin had this idea 200 years
before I did. It is said that he would go so far as
to copy a great man's penmanship to get a feel
for whom he was. Maybe Ben was the first

One of the most effective tools I have used or
taught for people to change themselves is the
science of graphotherapy. During the first
meeting with Dr. Walker, this concept was
introduced to me.

When I was just fourteen years old, Dr Walker
suggested that I begin to immediately raise my
t-bar. As I sat in awe of this wise man, my brain
thought, "You have got to be kidding?"

Dr. Walker spoke with congruent confidence
about the hundreds of clients and friends over
the past 20 years who have seen profound results
using this technique.

In my case, I had more than just the "t" to fix.
I had to de-program my stubbornness, over-
sensitivity to criticism, self-consciousness, and
boost my self-esteem. Dr. Walker was probably
praying that my "sarcasm" would find it's way
to the exit, as well. Luckily, at the age of just
fourteen, I listened. I thought about the simple
risk vs. reward system for making a decision.

Step one: What happens if this succeeds?
Step two: What happens if this does not succeed?

My answer was simple. If Dr. Walker's advice
succeeded in transforming me (this insecure,
weak, scrawny, smart-a--, defiant, obnoxious
teenager) into a world class self-made millionaire
who attracts the ladies ... Wow!

On the other hand, if this "changing the
handwriting trick" did not succeed, I would
be stuck with a funny looking letter "t" for
the rest of my life.

Not a tough decision. Hmmm. Wealth,
Women, and Wisdom vs. a silly t-bar.
The reward was clearly worth the risk.
In fact, I couldn't think of a downside.
My handwriting sucked anyway. It was
illegible, so now it would be illegible with
different letter formations. So what?

As it all turned out, my handwriting actually
became more legible over the coming years.
My t-bars are still crossed at the top of the
stem. And the strokes of stubbornness,
self-consciousness, and over-sensitivity
to criticism have been gone for over a

The real test was what I found in the results.
The first thing I noticed was my tendency to
think more of myself. I wasn't a student who
actually liked to study.

However, I found myself walking into the
school counselor's office one day requesting
I be moved to a "more challenging" English
class. I was bored.

Then, I found myself asking the prettiest
girl in school out on a date. She said, "No."
But since I had begun to erase the fear of
failure, I just asked out someone else. It
didn't take long to develop some better
rapport skills and the girls started saying,
"Yes." I even noticed my grades were

A person who is successful has simply
formed the habit of doing things that
unsuccessful people will not do.

-Dexter Yager

Now, the following personality traits are
typical of rich and happy people. Clearly,
there are many exceptions to this list. In
fact, only a handful of people I've studied
have ALL of them in their handwriting.
(Nobody's perfect.) Just because it isn't "in
their hand-writing" doesn't mean they don't
sometimes display the characteristic.

Handwriting analysis shows us the personality
traits that are "most prevalent." I've never met
a miserable, impoverished, mean spirited person
who displayed these success characteristics.

Once you read the list, I think you will agree
these "success traits" would provide a powerful
foundation for anyone's journey toward success
and happiness.

I will give details on a couple of these traits in
this newsletter, and you can find the rest in my
book, "The Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy."


High Self-Esteem / Sense of Self-Worth
High Goals
Strong Self-Confidence / Healthy Ego
Strong Physical Drives
Integrity / Honesty


Desire for Responsibility
Deep, Enduring Emotions
Sense of Humor
Self-Reliance / Leadership


The Power To shape The Future Is Earned
Through Persistence. No Other Quality
Is As Essential To Success. It Is The Sandpaper
That Breaks Down All Resistance And
Sweeps Away All Obstacles. It Is
The Ability To Move Mountains
One Grain Of Sand At A Time.


Strokes that double back over the letter and end
toward the right indicate persistence. This trait
is usually located in the t and f. This person has
the quality of not giving up when confronted with
temporary setbacks. He will persist until he
completes the task.

When you see this in someone's handwriting,
realize they are very powerful people who tend
to hit the wall and then break through it with
great triumph and success. The only downside
is they often stay on the same path too long
before they realize there could have been
another path with less resistance.

Persistence is shown by a double-crossed t-bar,
much like a star. If you think about drawing
the star on the side of the Dallas Cowboy's
helmet, you go down, up to the left, never pick
up your pen, and back to the right.

One metaphor for remembering this trait is
someone hitting difficulty head on, going back
into the past, evaluating what works and what
doesn't, and then coming back toward the issue
head on. Of course, all the while never picking
up the pen.

Ben Affleck's signature shows persistence in the
letter A, rather than the t. He also has optimism
and a perfectly straight base-line (perfectionist.)
Notice he underlines his name, too.

I have not failed. I've just found
10,000 ways that won't work.

-Thomas Edison


All the classic self-improvement books say a
positive mental attitude is the key to success.

As general and ambiguous as that statement is,
the trait of Optimism comes closest to capturing
the essence of this skill. If you have a sample
of handwriting written on unlined paper, you
can quickly determine how optimistic someone
really is.

The more the entire baseline is tilted up and to
the right, the more positive this writer is. This
"slanting uphill" is an easy trait to remember
and accept, because both our body language
and our spoken language hold parallels to this
written subconscious expression.

Ever heard the phrase, "things are looking up?"
How about the song, "Always look on the bright
side of life!" sung by Monty Python in the final
scene of the satirical comedy The Life Of Brian.

How about the description of someone feeling
"down" - pessimistic? Even your body language
goes limp, down and saggy when sad or depressed.

When you are optimistic, you tend to stand up,
look up, and tilt your head above the horizon.
Just holding your head straight and staring at the
ceiling fires optimistic thoughts to your brain.

As far as your handwriting goes, you can start
writing uphill, since your physiology affects your
mood. So start tilting your handwriting at a
45-degree angle right now. See how much better
you feel. I find this lifts me up really well when
I feel down.

Look at the handwriting sample of Ebby Halliday.
Mrs. Halliday was a pioneer as a female entrepreneur.
(Real Estate in the North Texas, USA area). Ebby
was one of the first female self-made millionaires in
Texas. A pioneer for working women in the 1950's
and 1960's, she had a wonderful marriage and a
fabulous career.

She was one of the first women ever to keep her
own last name during marriage. She is a legend
in the Real Estate circles of Dallas, TX. Ebby has
created a totally successful, rich, and happy life.

Larger Image Here

Handwritten lecture notes of Ebby Halliday. (Circa 1998)

Now let's cover one of the supporting success traits:

Desire For Responsibility

People who have a need to be responsible
tend to gravitate toward leadership roles
and get their sense of significance from
contributing to the good of a team.

This personality trait is revealed in a
signature or a capital letter with large
loops at the beginning or ending of strokes.
The larger this hook the more the person
desires to be responsible or in the spotlight.
This trait sounds like it is a desire for
attention, but it is less self-serving.

I also coined the term "desire for fame"
as a description of this stroke, which is
the same stroke on a large signature.

The reason I associate fame with this stroke
is because of the sheer number of famous
people I have noticed that use this stroke
compared to the rest of the population.

It seems that a large signature and this hook
stroke are common among famous musicians,
actors, and celebrities.

This same stroke is also found without the
big ego in civic leaders, organizational
presidents and volunteer leaders.

This stroke indicates a deep need to win the
love, affection, or respect of a group.

Alright, there's a good start for you! Now,
if you would like to learn more about either
graphotherapy, or the Success Traits of the
Rich and Happy, visit this website and look
through our catalog of materials.

Or order the book here:

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"Ohhhh, I'm glad to see someone finally
put a positive spin on being rich! This
book is a delight---inspiring, practical,
and down-right fun! It can move you
into the wealth you seek."
- Joe Vitale, author of "Spiritual Marketing"
and the Nightingale-Conant best-seller,
"The Power of Outrageous Marketing"

"Really, your book The Success Secrets of the
Rich and Happy is a blast. It is very inspiring and
helpful ... Giving me exactly the steps to take or
the things to change.

I now feel more confident to produce my own
happiness and success in life. The clear and
comprehensive information has saved hours of
wasted time and encouraged me to explore and
exploit the knowledge I have accumulated over
the last two months."
-Tatiana Velitchkov, owner/co-publisher
The Netherlands

"I haven't taken the time till now to acknowledge
my appreciation for your weekly newsletters and
your books. I look forward to each one, as I've
mentally absorbed your archives. Thank you for
the choices you've made in your life ... your results
are unfolding more choices for me. Bravo! Encore!"
- Bonnie Luckey
Carthage, Missouri, USA

"P.S. The Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy
is amazing! I can't put it down."

"Bart, After I got home from meeting you, I started
to read your newest marvel, Success Secrets of the
Rich and Happy. I must say that after utilizing the
exercises in the first few chapters, that I feel 20 times
better already.

After meeting you, I now know that this book is
written from your own success! This book is a marvel,
a blueprint for complete and total wealth, success,
and most importantly, HAPPINESS. I eagerly await the
completion of reading your book, just so I can read it

I have already shown this book to people I know,
and to my amazement, they are already asking to
read it themselves. Thank you, Bart!"
- Kelly Wilkins CGA, MGA,
Handwriting Expert/Analyst, Houston, TX


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Thank you for reading Weekly Strokes. Keep those t-bars high!


Bart Baggett, Author and Lead Trainer
Maryann Redhead, Director

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