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Director: Ms Chou Wen-Chuan

Telephone: 886-2-28730194
Fax no.: 886-2-28743569
Address: 2F., No.333-2, Sec.2, Shih-Pai Rd., 112 Taipei, Taiwan
E-mail address: achou0610@yahoo.com.tw
website: www.innoexcel.com.tw

She has completed the translation and publication of the home study course,
The Grapho-Deck, and other key tools for certification as a handwriting analyst.

Bart Baggett's first book, the Secrets to Making Love Happen
Is now available in paperback, in Chinese.

See cover here:
See first page here:

The Grapho-Deck is also
available in Chinese.

Most common question: Can I analyze Chinese writing?

No. The book is entirely written in Chinese, however, all
the graphics and handwriting samples are in English /
Latin bases script. (The handwriting samples are the same
as in the Western version) The students in Taiwan can read and
write English, but they learn better in their native language.

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