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Subject: Anthrax Letters in the U.S.

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by Bart Baggett /

October 2001: Special CNN Edition

In case you missed it....
Handwriting's Founder
Bart Baggett appeared on CNN
Wednesday, October 17, 2001
discussing these letters


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[[[[[[[[[[  Table of Contents  ]]]]]]]]]]

• Anthrax Letters.

See them up close here.

Read the Transcript here.

If you are unfamiliar with the Anthrax News Story, visit the CNN website.

• What kind of person wrote them?

• See Osama Bin Laden's Handwriting and Personality Report here.

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Anthrax Letters.

See the envleopes and letters close here.

What kind of person wrote them?

Summary of Analysis of Envelopes: (written before we saw the whole letters 10/17/01)

1. The envelopes are written to appear to be a young child, they are not.

2. The writing of the two envelopes appears to be written by the same person. Notice the numeral "2" in the zip code. Unique. (Without originals we can't be 100% sure.)

3. The writing is slow and intentional. The writer wants to mask his identity - he was successful. Often too many ink spots or muddy portions of normal writing indicate criminal tendencies and emotional irrationality. However, given the context of the need to mask the identity, those assertions cannot be assumed valid. But, given the anthrax on the envelope, we can assume it is true.

4. We cannot tell gender, race, nationality, or left or right handedness

5. The writer is deeply passionate (heavy writing) and ruled by emotion, not logic.

6. The writer is suffering from clinical depression or more mild form of personality issues such as severe fatigue, pessimism, and cynicism. Any writing that slants down hill to the right is a sign of depression. Many suicidal people write tilted down (even farther) in their "suicide notes".

7. Many strokes extend a bit too far below the baseline = determination to achieve objectives.

8. All capitals indicate the need to "hide behind walls" of ego and machismo. This writing is not written in an authentic hand, but the intent to hide the character and not express his inner self still applies. All block printing is not always a bad trait,but it does hide one's inner feelings.

9. Irregular baseline and irregular middle zone size indicates a lack of precision, even clumsiness, and possible emotionally immature. This could be the result of attempting to write like a child. In any case, I would say the person is not emotionally stable and not very "emotionally intelligent." This could also be said of some children... emotionally immature.

10. Domineering. The t-bars that slant down indicate a NEED for CONTROL. This is a classic domineering t-bar often seen in people that must be in charge. This trait can be good or bad depending on the person's intelligence and ethics. See this article about a Control Freak for more insight.

11. Overall printing leans to the right. Although these are downstrokes, we can speculate the person would be a DE or E+ writer (see our Certification Course for definitions) which indicates the tendency to act from pure emotion, get swept up in feeling not logic. This emotional outlay is most susceptible to racism and hate crimes.

12. The FBI will have a difficult time establishing the authentic writer of these envelopes. Comparing these printed letters to the writing of any suspect is tricky. It reminds me of the John Benet Ramsey case in which the "ransom note" was intentionally printed with the intent to fool to police. So, letters like this are a tough case to find the writer.


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