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Subject: Osoma bin Laden.


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by Bart Baggett /

October 2001: Special Edition

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• Osama bin Laden's handwriting.

• Anthrax Letters. See article here/

• Learn Handwriting Analysis for your own personal self-analysis and self-improvement.

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Osama bin Laden's handwriting.

As a native American, analyzing handwriting of anyone that writes in a middle Eastern script is difficult for me. Besides the globals traits such as pen pressure and baseline slant... the rest of the writing doesn't fall into the traditional trait-by-trait method that has made Western Graphology so accurate.

So, instead of speculate on a language I know nothing about, I have reprinted the analysis of one of the leading grapholist in Europe and the Middle East. Anna Koren. You can visit Anna's website and see both Hungarian and Hebrew translations of her work.

And, here is another more detailed analysis of his handwriting provided from one of our
Handwriting students from India.

Handwriting and signature of Bin Laden Hebrew by Anna Koren

Translation: (from right to left)
First line: Your brother in Islam
Second line: Usama bin Mohammed bin Laden. ( signature )

Both the handwriting and signature are very slow in a way that seems almost unreasonable. The writing and the signature are more drawn or painted rather than written and express a personality that is full of anxieties on one hand, yet the writer has a strong drive to prove himself on the other hand. This creates a conflict that makes it very difficult for the writer to deal with reality. It creates a very frustrated man with difficulty to feel content from his achievements and a need for constant attention. The size of the signature indicates a megalomaniac tendency. This is partly demonstrated in the signature, which is comprised of two circles, black and white. His drive for attention is greatly noticed and can take a positive or negative form. As long as he is noticed, he feels a temporary relief from his seeded and tremendous urge to prove himself. Translation: (from right to left) First line: Your brother in Islam Second line: Usama bin Mohammed bin Laden. ( signature ) He is protective and at the same time domineering with a strong need to rule. He constantly fears others taking over his place and as a result he keeps his guard and is continuously under a great deal of pressure. He is very prudent, fears failure and avoids risks. Lacking improvising skills, he carefully calculates his steps and tries to avoid uncertain situations. He aspires for perfection at what he does and is often obsessive about his unwillingness to accept any form of mediocrity. Every action he takes is carefully examined and he advances only after every detail has been meticulously planned and taken into account. This significantly slows down his activity, but at the same time, makes his actions thorough and prudent. His personality expresses a double standard, as if he is two individuals � This can also be seen in the signature, which shows two circles: black and white. In actuality, the writer is an individual without gray areas, agility or compromises.



By — Raghvendra Kumar
Gorakhpur , India
[email protected]

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