Introducing the most expensive & advanced handwriting analysis certification course ever published in the United States...

Finally, You can go beyond all other handwriting courses and become a "Master" in Advanced Handwriting Analysis

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Introducing the brand-new

Now Accepting Applications for the Pilot Program startng September 2012

Now Accepting Applications for the Pilot Program !
Apply now to be one of just 20 students from each country.

Become certified as a Master Level Handwriting Analysts
discover never-before-taught advanced analysis & Grapho-therapy
techniques now available through this new Advanced Course.

Dear Handwriting Analysts,

This course is full of never-before-published information relating to all kinds of "advanced information" which will expand your knowledge far beyond the basic traits and basic personality profiles. Because this course contains hard-to-find traits, controversial techniques, and even cutting edge "research" regarding health, mental fitness, and career profiling, this course is only for sale to "certified students" or students who are in the final stages of getting their "certification."

Unless you have full working knowledge of the 90+ primary traits... this course will only confuse you. It starts with a summary of the entire 301 course and we zip through this summary (a year of work for the average student) in about 40 minutes of video. Then, we jump into the dozens of "advanced traits" primary traits (strokes) you've probably never heard of: Recalcitrant, intolerance, resistance, fault finding, possessive, stern, beevolence, restless, self-admiration (just to name a few).

Then, we start to STACK the traits. All that in the first 3 videos. There are 26 videos to view and answer detailed essay type questions.

This course will fill in the gaps of knowledge, clear up any confusion, and explain in vivid detail any expectations and errors you might have been making using basic graphology principles. The concepts and strategies of stacking traits is so powerful that you will wonder how you ever analyzed writing without it.

Do not think this course is easy or quick to complete. It is equivalent to a "Master's Degree" in the field of graphology and requires over 300 pages of handwritten assignments completed in your own handwriting. The videos are interesting, the handouts are enlightening and easy to understand... but if you are not willing to do the "work" and answer everyone of the over 300 pages of questions, you will not graduate.

This course is not for lazy students, fly-by-night students, or uncommitted students.

If you are serious about taking your handwriting analysis career to the next level, you must own and complete this comprehensive course. Plus, rest assured, it is the last course you will ever need to buy.

Expand your knowledge of graphology, psychology and Grapho-therapy at all levels. It is an step-by-step course that will change your life and give you the ability to CHANGE OTHERS’ lives through the advanced techniques that take you way beyond where the Level 301 left off.

You must be a Certified 301 Level Graduate to fully comprehend and excel at the material covered in this new certification level program. We require that you already know the basic 90+ traits in the Certification Course, and this course will teach you another 25+, not including the powerful “evaluated traits” and "gestalt" ideas.

In 2006, we offered the first ever “Advanced Course Live Seminart” and some of the key lectures are included here on the videos and CDs. However, in 2012, Bart Baggett built a completely new curriculum and held an invite only “Advanced Mastery Event” to complete the Advanced Certification Level training which makes up the bulk of this new home study course. In addition to trait stacking, special topics such as health in handwriting, therapy, verbal analysis, written reports, and even how to use handwriting in a counselor’s or hypnotist’s office. This video course includes lectures from our "in-house" studion and lectures spanning from 2006-2012. This really is the most comprehensive training course ever published by Handwriting University.

If you own the previous version of the “2006 Advanced Course Seminar DVDS”, you get a substantial $300 "credit" toward the purchase of this new Mastery Certification Program. This is an entirely revised advanced home study course which includes a Certificate of Advanced Mastery upon completion of the course and passing of the verbal test. Testings fees are not included and vary on location of the final exam.

Bart Baggett hosts most of videos and it also features many famous Handwriting University staff members and world class guest speakers. The two seminar "video handouts" contain every handwriting sample, every slide, every graphic needed to follow along with the video / audio lecture. Inside there is a collection of golden information that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. You will swear that the "video handouts" alone is worth the price of the entire program!

Plus, when you complete the 300 pages of questions and essays which make up the comprehensive course packet... you will be ready for your Advanced Certification and finally feel you have mastery over all areas of handwriting analysis and grapho-therapy.


  • Evaluated Traits & Complex Trait Combining
  • Trauma and Injuries
  • Detecting the Gender of an Unborn Child
  • Advanced Grapho-therapy Through Trait Combining
  • Using Handwriting Analysis in hiring, interviewing, and counseling


  • 20 + hours of seminar video featuring Bart Baggett and other Faculty Members.
  • 26 Videos in all on 11 DVDS
  • 2 Complete Seminar Course Packets which you complete by hand, answer questions, and submit as part of the certification process. These must be completed and turned in before you request a final exam.
  • 1 Advanced Trait Stacking Dictionary
  • 2 Binder of Seminar Handouts
  • Opportunity to sit for "Advanced Tests" and become a Certified Master Level Handwriting Analysts.
    (Additional Testing Fees apply.)
  • In 2012, Pilot program attendees will get two live "tele-classes" where you talk to Bart Baggett directly and give feedback, ask questions, and polish your new knowledge. Must call into the USA phone number (skype acceptable.)

ITEM: Level 501 Mastery Level Advanced Certification
Program 2013 Retail Price: $1999

Pilot Program Enrolment Fee: $899 (55% Savings)

(Pilot Programs Enrollments and Applications must be recieved before August 29th, 2012)

Official Shipping of the Entire Complete Course for
Pilot Program Participants will be September 10th, 2012.

The DVD and 300_page workbooks are identical to the 2013 course.
We require you participate in 2 Pilot Program tele-classes,
give feedback and complete a survey so we can make any improvements (if needed).


Yes, ship me one Mastery Set at the pilot program price of $899. (55% Savings)
Payment must be received before you submit the application and any student away for any reason
will receive a full 100% refund immediately.


Option #2: Bart, I already purchased and own the 2006 Advanced Course, please extend a special discount for me because I am such a loyal and good student. Allow me to order the pilot program (entire $1999 course for just $599 (A savings of an additional $300. Also, i understand you will research my name and confirm I have purchased the 2006 Advanced DVD Course).

Add to Cart $599

Add to cart : $899 Just $599 (I own the 2006 Advanced Course)

Who is eligible for the pilot program?

1. You must own the 301 Certification Course and be certified by December of 2012.
2. You are already certified by Handwriting University or it's authorized campuses worldwide.
Note: If you are certified from a competing handwriting analysis school which is not affiliated with Handwriting University, please do NOT apply for the pilot program. You might be able to enroll into the Mastery Program in 2013, but you will be rejected from the pilot program. Those decisions are on a application by application basis.


Once you complete your purchase, we will research your name in our "graduate database" for eligibiilty. If you are not graduated yet, we will ask for you to complete a "application" to establish a target test date and review your credentials.


I just attended the advanced conference. It was great. We learned so many things beyond explanation All of the information we were given...loved it. Met great people full of good will toward one another. Was just a great conference. Enjoyed it. Handwriting is wonderful. Would recommend anyone to become a handwriting analyst.

– Brenda Petty Duncan, Oklahoma


Want to know more?

Here is an exerpt of the table of contents of just two of the 5 Coil Bound Workbooks that come with the program:

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Study Materials Included:


24 Videos (on11 DVDS)


1 Advanced Trait Dictionary


2 Course Packs and 2 Handout Books


5 Books Total / One Video Set

Part One: “Advanced Mastery” Video Workshop & Manual Videos #1 - #14

1 Advanced Mastery Manual

Part Two: “Advanced Course” Conference Videos & Manual Videos #15- #26

24 Videos Included spanning over 8 years of live seminars and content.

Part Three: The “Course Pack” (Contains Questions, Checklists, and Proof of Completion Workbook)

Handwriting University’s Mastery Level Advanced Course Packet (2 coil bound workbooks)

Course Pack Table of Contents (Part 1 of 2)

Section One: Student Orientation
How to Study This Course

Part One – “Handwriting Analysis Advanced Mastery Workshop” Video Seminar & Event Manual

Section Two: Certification Course Review
Advanced Mastery Coursework Checklist

Section Three: Advanced Primary Traits

Section Four: Two Piece Trait Stacking X + Y = Z

Section Five: Handwriting Analysis of Dr. Ruehl

Section Six: How to Give a Great Verbal Analysis

Section Seven: Key Elements to Creating a $650

Written Personality Profile /Report Section Eight: 11 Big Fears In Grapho-Therapy

Section Nine: Grapho-Therapy for Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists

Section Ten: Advanced Trait Stroke Evaluation with Inhibiting Traits

Section Eleven: Analyzing Block Printing

Section Twelve: Handwriting Analysis of Jerri Newsome

Section Thirteen: Ethics in Handwriting Analysis

Section Fourteen: Italian Graphology

Section Fifteen: Introduction to Advanced Traits by Bart Baggett

Section Sixteen: Advanced Grapho-Deck Traits

Section Seventeen: Advanced Traits Part 1
Section Eighteen: Advanced Traits Part 2
Section Nineteen: Advanced Trait Stacking Part 3: Using the Dictionary

Section Twenty: Neurological Diseases & Illness in Handwriting:
Dr. Alexander Section Twenty-One: Health in Handwriting: T. Deberry

Section Twenty-Two: Baby Gender Predictions Section Twenty-Three: Spotting Trauma
Section Twenty-Four: Profile of a Corporate Thief

Section Twenty-Five: Handwriting for Counselors and Hypnotists
Section Twenty-Six Understanding Yourself Through N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Section Twenty Seven
Part Three: Completing Your Course


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Yes, ship me one Mastery Set at the pre-published price of $899

Shipping Date for the pilot program will be Septembe 10th or earlier.

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