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Some people who are not ready to invest money into their own education will choose to get access to our Free General Membership Level. This is not the same as signing up for our Newsletters, this is simply to be able to log-in, see the level 100 course, answer or ask questions on posts and give feedback on lessons. You can even give feedback to other Handwriting University members on their questions, it becomes more interactive when you use this type of account. If you are not getting email from us, use this form to register your current email address and then go here to make sure you are whitelisting our newsletter.

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Handwriting University Silver Monthly Membership with Live Classes


As a silver member, you get full access to the 15 month ARCHIVES in the member’s only area and the monthly LIVE teleclass directly with Bart Baggett .  This is over 20 hour of video and audio lessons.

(See the Month-By-Month Content / TOC via downloadable PDF file)  here.  You get 3 hours of training the moment you enroll and over 20 hours of archived class replay tutorials.

($17 Now and then $17 / month which includes the mp3 & videos of the month, and members-only bonuses. New course material is released every month to download and learn live.)


Bonus Disc Includes:

11 Big Fears and How to Change Using Grapho-therapy
Success Secrets of the Rich and Happy
How to Say Negative Traits in a Good Way
The Handwriting Interviews Video
Politics and Graphology
Thinking and Intelligence Handwriting Analysis
Top 20 Questions Advanced Trait Stacking
7 Keys to Lasting Relationships Event
Grapho-therapy Brain Chemistry

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Audio & Video Lessons: When subscribed to our weekly newsletters, you will receive free audio and video lessons covering all sorts of topics in handwriting analysis. Topics such as: criminal handwriting, hell traits in handwriting, and so much more.
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Level 100 Basic 7 Day Course: This is Handwriting University International’s online training course for beginning level students of personality based profiling through handwriting. This simple 7-part course gives you a broad introduction to the science, a few specific strokes and personality traits, plus a few bonus video and audio training lessons.  We sell this everyday for $17, but during this special offer… you can get access for $0.

Access to Live Classes: Each month we host a live handwriting analysis group class where Gold and Silver members can join a tele-conference call and analyze samples together. In the classes, you can submit a handwriting sample to be analyzed by the rest of the class. Get your handwriting analysis questions answered in these classes.

Access to Monthly Members Only Content: Each month we release bonus content to our Gold & Silver members. You will get lessons and recorded classes that are not released any where else. In the first month, you’ll receive a recorded class where Bart and students analyze criminal handwriting samples. There are lots of videos and MP3s to watch and listen to inside of the Members Only Content.


“About My Crazy Money Back Guarantee”

Everybody asks me, “Bart, the online course is just seventeen dollars, why even give a guarantee?” Why? Because I do not care if it is one dollar, seventeen dollars, or seventeen million, I will always give you more than what you paid for. If you feel that you did not get 10 times your money worth I have to insist that you take your money back. It’s that karma thing again. I offer the same guarantee on all my programs… even the ones that cost over a thousand dollars. Full money-back guarantee. That is why we’ve been the world’s #1 handwriting website since 1996… integrity and happy customers. My credit card company tells me very few companies offer more than a 30 day guarantee, but I feel its worth it offer a risk-free 365-day guarantee, so that’s what I do. But if you EVER want a refund all you have to do is let us know. Although refunds or complaints are rare, if you need help just visit our help area to get customer support.