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Our tutoring live classes are hosted by our Handwriting University President, Bart Baggett as well as our Certified Graduates, Allie Erber and Lianne Boas. Bart hosts occasional special event type classes where he covers specific topics regarding advanced handwriting analysis. Topics such as: relationships and compatibility, handwriting analysis trait stacking, criminal handwriting, and much more.

Graduate Instructors Allie Bradley or Bart Baggett are usually the hosts of the monthly handwriting analysis tutoring class. This is a small group class where you join in and analyze handwriting samples together. You can upload  your own samples, or samples that you have come across. You can ask questions… there is no stupid question.  All levels of experience are on this phone call.  This is a great time to get feedback and answers, so look below for the next upcoming class and join in!

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Bart Baggett
December 2   2013 View Samples
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Allie Erber
October 28th, 2013 Listen to replay of this unique Class about Serial Killers
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Bart Baggett
January 27th, 2014(Lots of good handwriting samples here) (Listen to replay now.)
Bart Baggett
February 17th, 2014
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Allie Erber
March 24th 2014
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Bart Baggett or Allie Erber
April 28th 2014
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Bart Baggett Monday May 19th, 2014 Mark Your Calendar.Upload Your Samples and Mark Your Calendar
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 Allie Erber Monday June 23rd, 2014 Mark Your Calendar.Upload Your Samples and Mark Your Calendar
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How to Attend These Live Classes or Download the Replays.

Only Handwriting University members with Gold or Silver memberships are able to attend these live classes. Once classes are completed, they are available for download or stream in the members only live event area. So once you have a paid membership, not only will you be able to attend these classes, but you can also listen up to 3 months of previous classes. Any questions about your membership status, call our customer support center or submit a customer support ticket via the help menu.

If you are unable to upload your handwriting sample, please email JPG to support @ handwriting at least 24 hours before class, so we can have tech support make sure we can upload and see your handwriting sample.