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This is Handwriting University International’s online training course for beginning level students of graphology. This simple 7-part course gives you a broad introduction to the science, a few specific strokes and personality traits, plus a few bonus videos and audio training lessons.

NOTICE.  You are on the 2016 site and this entire course has been updated and is now published on our new 2017 interactive platform.  You will need a different user name and password to access the new platform… but we strongly suggest you LOGIN HERE and enjoy the new improved latest interactive content of this course. http://courses.handwritinguniversity.com/

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Be sure to view the “Bonus Speed Learning” Video to learn the basic traits even faster.


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Basic Introductory Course Audio

Click here, to listen to this short audio clip in the quick start guide explains what you
will find in the introductory Handwriting Analysis Level 100 course.

Once you listen to the quick-start guide, start with

Day 1: Emotions in Handwriting Through Slant

Day 2: How to Spot Intelligence and Thinking Patterns

Day 3: Self Confidence, Fears, and the Letter  T

Day 4: Sexuality in Handwriting (Love and Relationships)

Day 5: Blueprint of a Whiner: 5 Annoying Personality Traits: Irritating Personality Traits

Day 6: The Art of the Live Verbal Analysis using Metaphors

Day 7: Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life:  Grapho-Therapy

Day 8: BONUS DAY – Speed Learning Video

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