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Upcoming Live Events

Video Streaming Events. All are Free to Attend

June 27th Backstage Podcast Guest Handwriting Analysis Live Community Class.  Free to Newsletter Subscribers
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Thursday June 27th, 2024 6 pm PST. (6:30 am The next day in India.)
Backstage Podcast Guest’s Handwriting Analyzed.

Handwriting University Community Handwriting Analysis class. This is a special live conversation about the people you hear on The Bart Show Podcast. The World’s Most Interesting People. Each month the Handwriting University Faculty analyzes the most recent guests who appear on the podcast. Just listen and download the guest’s full handwriting samples on page three of the registration page.  It’s free to attend. Guests are welcome.

This hands-on class will help you get more insight into people through their handwriting. Discuss. Ask Questions. Share observations.

This class is not on zoom. Just click the Riverside studio link and participate.  You are welcome to bring your own handwriting samples to discuss during class. 

 We suggest you listen to the episode audio-only first. Then, watch the video interview on YouTube. Look at his / her handwriting before listening to the episode and make predictions. Were you correct?

The two people we will discuss this month are listed on page three of the registration page and anyone from the previous 12 episodes.  This class is on the zoom platform again. LOGIN Directly here through Zoom.
Zoom Room: 265 559 6495   PW:  HU2023

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The full interviews are located here:

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Because of schedules, we can’t always confirm which teacher will teach until the day of the class. Rest assured your teacher will be a Certified Handwriting Analyst.

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Replays are not provided for these free classes.  Attend live. 

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If you are seeing this page that means you are now or have been in the past part of our personal development community by taking a course, reading a book, or being a subscriber to Bart Baggett’s Handwriting University newsletter.

Now, imagine you being part of a family that is spread worldwide, imagine meeting everyone in the community globally who share the same passion sharing their vision, mission, journey, and experiences. Imagine spending a few hours a month with professionals such as Forensic Document Examiners involved in criminal investigations, Counselors & hypnotherapists, and Neuroscientists using teaching life skills

Where are the Replays of Past Classes?

We do not post replays of the community classes.  We invite you to attend LIVE and ask questions live.  If you want pre-recorded education, we offer over 40 hours of online video training inside our paid courses such as the PRISM Life Design Course, the Handwriting University 101 and 301 course, and more.  If you are on a very limited budget, we encourage you to open our emails which contain some of the best video clips from classes over the past 10 years as well as there is some basic information on our channel. 

Bart Baggett also hosts a free podcast on all the major podcast networks.  Most episodes contain an element of personal development and a splash of analyzing handwriting.  You can watch the episodes on or your favorite podcast network. We wish you well in your personal development journey on whatever budget you have.




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