Redeeming Live Analysis coupons and Scheduling Consultations

How to Schedule Your Telephone Consultation

If you have purchased a live one-on-one consultation or you are in possession of a Coupon, this is the correct page with instructions on how to redeem them. Congratulations on deciding to schedule a professional Telephone Consultation with one of our Certified Handwriting Experts. Your 30 minutes- 1 hour consultation will be a source of tremendous insight and value to you for years to come.

Currently, we sell the “Private Coaching Sessions / Live Analysis” from our Handwriting International website and then you submit the completed handwritten forms to one single fax number.

Based on your geography, age, gender, and particular areas of interest, we choose one of our Faculty Level Certified Handwriting Experts to schedule your appointment with.

After you FAX your Handwritten Exemplar Forms to our main efax number, our staff converts your handwritten packet to a PDF file, and emails them to the designated Handwriting Analyst.

Within three days, you will be contacted by the Faculty Member via email or telephone text messaging to confirm your day, date, and time of your “telephone consultation.”

Remember, we primarily utilize email correspondence to effortlessly confirm and schedule these appointments. Please check your email and bulk email folders withing the first three days of your submission.


1. Fax (or email to support @ the following items to this fax number 310 861 1614 when you are ready to schedule your Telephone Consultation

• Your Paid Receipt (received via email when purchased) or Authorized Gift Certificate.

• Your Handwriting Exemplars Form and any other handwritten documents which you or the Analysts might want to reference during the Telephone Consultation.

2. Look for an email confirmation that your Handwriting Exemplar Form was received within 24 hours. Inside that confirmation will be the name & contact information of the assigned Handwriting Expert who you will be consulting with. You will also receive a telephone call from us so that we can schedule your analysis.

3. If you did not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours, send an email with the words “Lost Exemplar” in the subject line to Christine  at support (at) or send a text message to 310 779-7224  so we can locate your faxed Handwriting Exemplar Form and forward to the selected Faculty Member.

4. Once you have received a confirmation our office has received your Handwriting Exemplars, you will be contacted Directly from the “Certified Handwriting Analysts” and an exact time and date will be agreed upon. Once we have forwarded your documents to our Selected Faculty Members, our office attempts to stay out of details of the scheduling of the appointment, cancellations, or re-arranging. Once you have been assigned a Faculty Member, you will deal directly with him or her… until after the session is complete.

5. Once the session is complete, we will send you an email asking you to complete a brief survey about the quality of the session and the value your received. This is optional, but your input is valuable.

6. Once the session is complete, we will follow up directly with you via a phone call to insure you did indeed complete the appointment and you are satisfied with the meeting.