Certification Level Community Class Schedule.

Special Community Live Classes for Handwriting University Certification Level Students and Graduates.

Starting in May of 2019, we created a Zoom-based community class that has an attendance of 40-80 people each month. Even if you graduated in 1996 or started your Handwriting University journey recently, you are invited.

However, invitations and the Zoom number are ONLY provided via EMAIL if you are an active subscriber. If you ever clicked spam or unsubscribed in the past decade, you will need to OPT-IN, double confirm, and activate your subscription again to the email newsletter list.  If your email has changed, let our staff know to update your student record.

Confirm your student info and email address here: https://handwritinguniversity.com/newsletters/


If you are seeing this page that means you are enrolled in Handwriting University‚Äôs International Level 301 course or have already graduated from Handwriting University. CONGRATULATIONS, you are in the right spot to connect and continue your passion for handwriting analysis and psychology.

Now, imagine you being part of a family that is spread worldwide, imagine meeting everyone in the community globally who share the same passion sharing their vision, mission, journey, and experiences. Imagine spending a few hours a month with professionals such as Forensic Document Examiners involved in criminal investigations, Counselors & hypnotherapists, Neuroscientists using it for research purposes, Teachers training kids to build a strong character in children, or a $10000 per lecture professional speaker using handwriting analysis for leadership and team building. YES! These are HU graduates in our worldwide community and they are also invited to attend and share their wisdom.  You can ask any questions about the content of the course or their own career experience. Our mission is to eventually help you reach out and connect with everyone in our worldwide community who is Transforming Lives through Handwriting.   We aim to achieve this vision through educational, engaging content and materials, and by embracing the greatness and specialness in each one of you.



Where are the Replays of Past Classes?  

Want to see the replays for the past community class?   They have been moved to this ARCHIVE page.  https://handwritinguniversity.com/members/members-only/301-archives/

If you are graduated, join our business program. 

We have monthly “Authorized Mentor” classes once a month for those graduates who are in this program and want to become teachers and entrepreneurs  



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