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News for 2017

  • Join us for the next live webinar happening weekly. Visit this website for details.  Also, if you are a Certified Handwriting Expert, you can now apply to become an Authorized Mentor and start building a business partnering with our school.  Open a campus in your city and change lives. 
  • Want to become a professional speaker or trainer?  If so, join our Marketing Mastermind program and get personalized business coaching twice a month. Learn more.
  • This week, attend a FREE LIVE BROADCAST  on How to Earn $3000 a month part time through Handwriting Analysis. Hosted by Bart Baggett.  Register Here.
  • Join the new community of  handwriting experts working to build a business as part of the new Authorized Trainer’s Program.   Join Bart Baggett live and teach local class in your home town. Learn more about the Authorized Trainer program here.
  • Monday February 26th, 2018 is the next upcoming live tutoring class for Gold & Silver members (see the Live Class Schedule page to upload your handwriting samples now and write down the call-in #) Or, visit the replay page now and listen to past tutoring calls with students worldwide.    Go here to register and send in your handwriting sample. 
  • Visit the Member Status page which now shows you the products you have unlocked or have purchased. There are tons of free stuff on this site, but the premium courses are locked and you can visit this page to see which of the products you don’t own… you can unlock with a quick online payment to over 40 hours of premium training, including the Certification Home Study Course or the 501 Mastery Course. Remember, you can get personal private tutoring in person or via Skype through one of our Authorized Mentors and Trainers in countries across the world. Visit HandwritingAnalysis.org to find a mentor or authorized instructor.

Table of Contents

7 Day Step-By-Step Basic Graphology Training

This basic level 100 7 part course walks you through the basic process for analyzing handwriting in written, audio, and video formats.

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Once you have purchased any Elective Course or Level 101, 201, 301 Certification Level Course, the comprehensive online training can be accessed here.  2017 teachable platform login here:  courses.handwritinguniversity.com

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Get your personal questions answered by a Handwriting University Faculty Member during these live call-in SILVER MEMBER monthly classes. You can listen in live via telephone or the internet, or download the MP3 and listen later.

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Upgrade here to any “level” access to programs on this website. Here you can have instant access to all courses on this website from Handwriting University’s membership site.

Frequently Asked Handwriting Analysis Questions:

Here is a full list of frequently asked questions related to handwriting analysis.

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