Video: Are You A Big Sensitive Baby? (Advanced trait stacking)

Are you ready to move to the next level of ADVANCED handwriting analysis? 

Inside our 501 mastery course, we explore the concept of trait stacking.

In this video Bart talks about how narrow mindedness and a high intelligence can cause people to be extra sensitive to criticism… regardless of the loop in the letter d.  This is an advanced seminar clip (so the make sure you understand the basic primary trait of sensitive to Criticism before you watch this video.  

Here is the primary trait, which you probably already know.  But, did you know people can be SUPER sensitive even if they don’t have a loop in their d.  The secret is trait stacking and it is explained inside our new 501 mastery course.

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Also, once you learn how to STACK TRAIT, you can see that even if a person does not have the loop in the stem, the “combination” of these other two traits can “stack” to behave like sensitive to criticism.  The primary strokes/ traits vanity and with-drawl can be a lethal combination and discussed in this video.

This  might explain those few people who acted like big babies… even though their
lower looped d stem seemed normal.  If you want to learn how to stack traits, just enroll into the 501 Mastery Course from Handwriting University. and watch your email for a big sale coming this week and live video training classes.

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Handwriting University’s Mastery Level Advanced Course Packet (2 coil bound workbooks)

Course Pack Table of Contents (Part 1 of 2)

Section One: Student Orientation

How to Study This Course

Part One – “Handwriting Analysis Advanced Mastery Workshop” Video Seminar & Event Manual

Section Two: Certification Course Review

Advanced Mastery Coursework Checklist

Section Three: Advanced Primary Traits

Section Four: Two Piece Trait Stacking X + Y = Z

Section Five: Handwriting Analysis of Dr. Ruehl

Section Six: How to Give a Great Verbal Analysis

Section Seven: Key Elements to Creating a $650

Written Personality Profile /Report Section Eight: 11 Big Fears In Grapho-Therapy

Section Nine: Grapho-Therapy for Coaches, Counselors, and Therapists

Section Ten: Advanced Trait Stroke Evaluation with Inhibiting Traits

Section Eleven: Analyzing Block Printing

Section Twelve: Handwriting Analysis of Jerri Newsome

Section Thirteen: Ethics in Handwriting Analysis

Section Fourteen: Italian Graphology

Section Fifteen: Introduction to Advanced Traits by Bart Baggett

Section Sixteen: Advanced Grapho-Deck Traits

Section Seventeen: Advanced Traits Part 1

Section Eighteen: Advanced Traits Part 2

Section Nineteen: Advanced Trait Stacking Part 3: Using the Dictionary

Section Twenty: Neurological Diseases & Illness in Handwriting:

Dr. Alexander Section Twenty-One: Health in Handwriting: T. Deberry

Section Twenty-Two: Baby Gender Predictions Section Twenty-Three: Spotting Trauma

Section Twenty-Four: Profile of a Corporate Thief

Section Twenty-Five: Handwriting for Counselors and Hypnotists

Section Twenty-Six Understanding Yourself Through N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Section Twenty Seven

Part Three: Completing Your Course


ITEM: Level 501 Mastery Level Advanced Certification


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