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What does your handwriting reveal?

Do you have the success traits of John Hancock, Oprah Winfrey, or Steven Spielberg?

This special week takes a closer look at all the benefits that the science of handwriting analysis contributes to American society; employee screening, self-improvement, personality profiling, and even courtroom document forgery examinations!


National Handwriting Week is upon us.

Did you know that John Hancock's birthday is in January? Our best research indicates he was born on January 23rd. So, handwriting analysts worldwide (and the media) have designated January 23rd-29th as National Handwriting Week.

Bart Baggett and other Handwriting University Faculty members will be appearing on radio & TV shows nationwide promoting handwriting. If you are a trained handwriting expert, contact your local newspaper. This week, you are especially newsworthy!

Did you know that each month, hundreds of cases of forgery are solved by qualified document examiners? Many are faculty and students of Handwriting's School of Forensic Document Examination.

Did you know that each day hundreds of people around the world start using "Grapho-Therapy" to change their own life? People interested in changing their own life are starting by changing their own handwriting to effect their own belief systems and change their personality. Bart's latest book and his workbooks for kids and adults are part of the reason for the excitement.

Can success potential really be revealed through the stroke of a pen?

Handwriting Analyst offers Success Secrets of The Rich & Happy during National Handwriting Week

"Mind your p's and q's", the old saying goes. It could mean the difference between success and struggle.

According to Bart Baggett, one of the nation's premier handwriting experts and Director of, the only online training institute for handwriting analysis, the way you cross your t's and dot your i's can determine your chances for success. In his new book, The Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy (Empresse Publishing, 434 pages, ) Baggett explains the "success traits" found in the handwriting of people like Michael J. Fox, Martin Luther King, John Glenn, Michael Jordon, and Oprah Winfrey. You may recognize Baggett from his commentary on CNN and Court TV, relating to the psychological profiling of criminals and suspects such as Scott Peterson, the John Benet Ramsey case, the Washington Snipers, the Anthrax letters, and Timothy McVeigh.

Special attention is drawn to Baggett's works each year during National Handwriting Week, which marks John Hancock's Birthday (Jan 23rd).

Some history books claim Hancock's birthday is January 12th... but most analysts agree to the January 23rd date.

National Handwriting Week focuses attention on the benefits of handwriting analysis and its use as an important tool in business, education, social relationships, and even self-help. Hancock's handwriting and that of other American heroes may offer lessons of character and untapped achievement.

Baggett said in a recent Biography Magazine feature interview, "It is inspiring to look up to men and women who have accomplished great things. America loves heroes. However, most of us don't really believe we can accomplish what they accomplish. My approach is to inspire people to be more like their hero's character. It is the personality, beliefs, and values that moved the person to achieve great things. We can teach our kids how to build great character. From that, people will do great things."

"I have researched the handwriting of thousands of successful people around the world and the success traits are extremely consistent," said Baggett. "The traits are easy to spot once you learn them, and what's even more exciting is you can actually program your own handwriting to include the success traits and see positive differences in your life."

Baggett has identified seven personality traits and the corresponding handwriting strokes commonly found in the handwriting of successful people:

  • High Goals and Ambition (t-bars crossed on the top of the stem)
  • Strong self-esteem (Large signature and high crossed t-bars)
  • Determination (heavy downstrokes below the baseline)
  • Persistence (not picking up your pen when you cross the letter t or A)
  • Strong Physical Drives (large and heavy y and g loops)
  • Long Lasting, Enduring Emotions (pressing very hard on the paper)
  • Enthusiasm (extra long strokes to make the crossing of your t)

Handwriting Analysis has seen a rise in popularity in the last few years, thanks in part to Mr. Baggett's frequent media appearances and his internet website,, which offers online training, discussion boards, free reports, books, CDs, and video courses that make what used to be complicated, simple. Baggett evens promotes one website which offers visitors a free written handwriting analysis e-mailed to them. (

One title, called "How You Can Analyze Handwriting in Ten Minutes or Less" is designed to walk a total novice through the basic steps to get an accurate, although not in-depth, analysis from a sample of writing, using a deck of Handwriting Flash Cards called The Grapho-Deck. Baggett's programs have become so popular, he now has programs available to install on the the Pocket PC and Palm Pilot for instant access to the Grapho-Deck Handwriting Trait Cards and their definitions, as well as an online Handwriting Analysis basic course, with audio elements that can be downloaded onto your MP3 player, or played on your computer.

"The trick to helping the average person get value from handwriting analysis is the ability to make this 'psychological profiling method' easy to understand and entertaining to learn," said Baggett. The science is what the stroke indicates based on research. The art is being able to communicate that personality trait to the person and describe the corresponding behavior accurately.

Handwriting isn't just an American trend. This topic of personality profiling and self-improvement even has an audience halfway around the world in India, where Baggett delivered his new seminar "Handwriting Success Secrets" live to thousands of enthusiastic Indians in Bombay, New Delhi, and Bangalore. Currently, his home study course and Grapho-Deck have been translated into Chinese and are being distributed throughout Asia.

"When I explain the many benefits of the science of handwriting analysis, people line up to learn it. Anyone interested in self-improvement, psychology, or improving their relationships will naturally find the concept intriguing," Baggett said. Baggett went on to say, "Of all the ways to understand yourself, this one is the most personal. You can't help but wonder what your handwriting reveals."

Boosting Children's Confidence and Grades

Baggett believes handwriting analysis can be especially beneficial to children through the use of a technique called "grapho-therapy." According to Baggett, changing a child's handwriting can improve their grades, their behavior, and their self-esteem. "I changed my handwriting at the age of 14, and it changed my life," said Baggett, who published his first book on the subject when he was only 23 years old. Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life in 30 Days Workbook. (Empresse Publishing)

Biography Magazine and Family Life Magazine recently ran articles featuring Baggett and explaining how kids are changing their own handwriting to improve not only their legibility, but to actually influence their personality. "Sure, Ryan's handwriting is a bit easier to read, but what really impressed us was his increased level of confidence and grades," said Craig Waton, Plantation Florida, father of 12-year-old Ryan Waton, who completed Bart Baggett's Handwriting Analysis Workbook for Kids. A number of teachers have reported noticeable improvements in attitude, concentration and confidence in students instructed using Baggett's methods.

In celebration of National Handwriting Week, Baggett is encouraging everyone to put down their pens and take a second look at the trail of ink they leave behind on paper. He suggests taking a few minutes to learn a few of the key handwriting traits to understand what your handwriting is unconsciously revealing, and to even consider incorporating some of the success traits into your own handwriting.

***** Common Questions *****

The most common question I hear is "What if I only print?"

This and other common questions are answered at our comprehensive on-line FAQ page.

The answer is quite simple. "Never trust a printer!"

No, I'm just kidding.

Printers could be the most ethical or the most treacherous people; but, the writing doesn't give us enough information to be totally sure which one they are. Printing is basically utlra "masculine" or "tough exterior". It is the YANG of the YIN/YANG in eastern philosophy.

Even some women block print; but those women are tough and strong (Madonna for example.)

People who block print do so because they reveal less of themselves to the world. Upstrokes reveal the emotional outlay of a person and are essential in capturing an accurate personality picture via handwriting. Block printing is only downstrokes. Therefore, the amount of quality information one can glean from a printer is much less than from a cursive sample.

Hiding emotions is not always a negative trait. However, most printers do not possess the tendency to have "intimacy" and the highest level of communication skills in the context of relationships. They will tell you they 'print' because it is just faster. Well, it is faster to 'not' talk about your feelings, too. Got it?

Printers can be complicated and might not reveal as much about their feelings as their lover might want them to. Our courses focus on cursive writing, because it reveals so much more about the person.

***** Featured Handwriting Samples *****

Is this a dangerous stalker or just a lonely fan of a radio host that needs to get a life? You tell me...

This sample includes Real Audio commentary.


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