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By Pat Provost

edited by Linda Hodges




Slant shows emotional response to what is felt when people are faced with life's little (or big) dilemmas.

Most people write with a right slant. They range from slightly right to far right. A small percentage of people write vertically, and an extremely small percentage of people write with a left slant.

The examples below are the possible responses of people with various slants, after they have dropped a drink and made a mess:

The vertical {AB} writer has no need to show emotions. He is head-ruled and will make decisions based upon the premise of, "What's in it for me?" A sad story and tears will have no effect on the decisions this person makes.

EX: "No big deal. I'll just get this cleaned up before anyone sees it."

The person with a slightly right slant {BC} is still head ruled, and even though he will listen to a sad story, his decision will be based on logic. 

EX: "Darn it! Oh well, I'll just clean it up and get another one."


A person with a further right slant {CD} is called an Ambivert. This person gets along well with most people. He is centered between a head ruled person and a heart ruled person. He can understand both sides of a story, and is definitely swayed by emotion. Sad stories and tears will have an effect on his decision making.

EX: "Gee, what a mess. How could I have done that?"

Leaning further to the right, the {DE} person is ruled by emotion. She acts first and thinks later. She can be very moody and very affectionate. She needs feedback, to touch and be touched; to talk and to listen. She needs interaction with others. This person likes people and is a natural salesperson.

EX: "Oh No! Why did this have to happen? I just didn't need this right now!"


Going one step further to the right, {E plus} we find the emotional basket case. This person is so ruled by emotion that he is lost to all sense of logic and every little thing that happens becomes a major production. Hysteria is always close by. With emotions galore, he is a natural actor!

EX: "Oh my gosh! I can't believe I dropped it! Wow! Look at that! Oh, I can't stand it! Did anyone see? I need help! Why me? How do I clean this up? I think I'm going to faint!" And so on and so on......

A DE or E plus writer who has been hurt badly may withdraw into himself and begin writing with a left slant {FA}. This person has regressed into himself and is unable to show emotion. This condition may be temporary, or it can become permanent. People with a left slant are very self-centered. There is no room for anyone else.

EX: "I'll just let the janitor clean this. After all, that's his job."

No matter how we write, we all slant either left, straight up, or to the right. By studying the handwriting of family and friends, you will discover that you know what kind of reaction a person will have, and you will know why they react that way. What insight! It's great to understand how people will react in certain circumstances, and to know how to deal with it.

Being hurt because of a lack of response from an FA writer is a waste of time and energy. They are unable to react emotionally. Being hurt because of the uncalled-for dramatic response of a DE or E plus writer is also a waste of time and energy.  Knowing why each of these slant-types react the way they do, can be very helpful in learning to deal with their emotional outbursts, or apparent lack of emotion. We write the way our brain has programmed us to write, so take advantage of what you know. Slant is only the beginning.

Pat Provost

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