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In August 2000, Katie Darden (a Graduate Handwriting Expert of Handwriting was asked by U.S. News & World Report to analyze the handwriting of George W. Bush. She used this sample.

Below are her comments.

Katie's Analysis * Katie's Summary Analysis


Katie's Summary

George W. Bush has an active, curious, probing mind that can quickly size up situations, evaluate the circumstances, and make instant decisions. He is also an analytical thinker, able to break down facts and organize them from a critical point of view. He is observant and attentive to details, which assists him in having a good memory.

He is future- and goal-oriented, values his independence, and has a strong need for self-assertion. He has a desire to stand out and wants to find his own way. Thus, he will strive to maintain his independence of thought and action in most circumstances.

He likes directness and prefers that people get to the point without "beating around the bush" (so to speak). This fits closely with his ability to quickly understand situations and make decisions.

Governor Bush is an emotionally responsive individual who feels situations intensely. He is also sensitive about what others think of him, and as a result, will probably avoid acts which might invite criticism. He is susceptible to both criticism and flattery, and wants to feel that his efforts are appreciated.

He is able to identify with his surroundings and with others' points of view, understanding the emotional aspects of how things affect them. He relates well to others and enjoys being the center of attention, needing to know that others care about him. Because he is able to relate so strongly to others, intensely emotional settings may sometimes become draining for him. As a result, he may need to withdraw from time to time so he can "recharge his batteries" and return to his effectiveness.

Governor Bush does not like having others tell him what to do. He likes to use his knowledge, skills and resources to get results without being closely supervised. He will not be pushed by anyone, including (and perhaps especially) people in authority. He is very protective of his time and resources, resisting forces he thinks are attempting to control his actions or limit his options.

Able to direct intense concentration to the problem of the moment, he can eliminate all outside noises, thoughts and interference in order to focus fully on the one issue or problem that needs attention. During these times he is likely to become irritated by interruptions and may find it difficult to re-orient or re-focus quickly to the demands of the "outside world". This ability to concentrate intensifies all of his other personality traits.

He has very high self-esteem and is capable of setting goals that reach far into the future. He creates plans that extend out five or ten years (or more), and has the full capability of reaching whatever he sets his sights on. Because he is able to size up situations quickly as he analyzes the relevant factors to reach his decisions, he is capable of taking what may appear to be great risks and thus achieving great rewards. He has a clear vision of what is possible, and the self-confidence that he can see it through.

Governor Bush is extremely persistent in achieving his goals. He uses his persistence, tenacity and willpower to finish what he starts and to achieve the results he wants. When he gets excited about something, he can be filled with enthusiasm. This enthusiasm not only makes his tasks more enjoyable, it also creates interest in others and ensures their support. The high levels of his political success attest to his confidence in his skills, his ability to make decisions that support his goals, his ability to enlist the support of others, and his ability to follow through.

An active person, he tends to become involved in many activities at the same time. Although he gets much accomplished, he may still have problems with deadlines. This is mainly due to his tendency to take on more than he can comfortably handle in a given space of time. In fact, there may not be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything he wants to finish. Some people use this as a way to motivate themselves. Given that he also enjoys spending focused time resolving problems, he can improve his effectiveness by delegating some of the lesser activities to trusted staff. Otherwise he may find himself over-committed or feeling ineffective. Still, he is able to fit an amazing amount of activity into a single day.


Katie's Summary Analysis

Okay, so now that I've given you a brief analysis based on the handwriting sample, what does it all mean? Well, here's a summary interpretation of the traits that were evident in this sample:

First of all, Governor Bush is a very bright man who is able to quickly size up and understand just about any situation. He has a strong analytical ability that supports him well in getting to the essence of things. He has the ability to focus intently, and combined with his analytical ability (and persistence), will get the answers he is seeking.

Governor Bush has several qualities we would expect to find in a CEO or Leader. His high self-esteem, ability to take on many activities at once, to analyze and understand situations quickly, to make instant decisions, to set and achieve high goals, to focus intently as needed, to maintain independence of thought and action, to enlist the support of others, and to exhibit persistence in achieving results are traits many successful leaders share.

While he is a very emotionally responsive individual, that may not be a part of his public persona, due to his strong need for independence and to find his own way. I would guess that although he is sensitive to the needs of others, he is protective of his privacy. His willpower and ability to focus allow him to shut out emotional distractions as he works on the issues at hand.

His desire to make his own way, coupled with strong persistence and his resistance to being told what to do suggest that he will stand firm on issues that matter to him. Of course these characteristics, if taken to an extreme, could result in some interesting "stand-offs" - whether he is facing an opposing view with Congress, or with other world leaders.

The best way to approach him for help or approval would be to express an honest appreciation for what he has accomplished (he is sensitive to what others think of him and needs to feel appreciated), provide a well-thought-out reason/plan for his involvement (he sizes up situations quickly and likes people to be direct) and then *request* his assistance/approval (he is independent and resists being told what to do).

I also suspect he is a man who can become quite passionate about what he believes and can work as if he is driven.


Katie Darden
Certified Handwriting Expert Graduate
Career Life Institute
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