I Love You Like a Slot Machine: A Bad Case of the Stingers

Stingers in handwriting. the new term we will be using in the next revised Primary Trait Dictionary for the stroke called Stinger. Well, it might a mouthful, but this term is more accurate. People with stingers are now a person with “Intermittent Validation Complex”. You might also hear me refer to it as “Romantic Game Condition.” I’m not sure either one of these will fit on the next printing of the Grapho-Deck, but maybe that’s for the best. This is one of those traits that only an advanced student could get their mind around anyway. If you have read this far in this article, you probably qualify as advanced.

Stalker or Pathetic Fan?

Can this handwriting tell you if the person who wrote it is a dangerous stalker of just a lonely fan of a radio that needs to get a life?

What if you got this type of letter twice a week from a woman you’ve never met. It happens all the time to celebrities both big and small. This letter was shown to me by a radio host from Louisiana. I’ve also seen a similar writing style from an equally persistent “fan” at the KOMP studios in Las Vegas. I’m beginning to think that all loser radio fans write alike.

This trait doesn’t always mean someone is wild in bed, several other strokes can change the meaning of this one….making it a challenge for most handwriting experts to analyze. And, latest research (not in the audio) indicate that the author might have________ tendencies….

And, latest research (not in the audio) indicate that the author might have
bisexual tendencies or thoughts. Hmmm. Let me explain.