5 Horrible Signature Styles You Must Avoid

Signature is the only formation in the writing which is consciously created by the writer.  In the formative years, most kids spend hours trying to get the right “symbol” which represents who they are.

Our signature represents us in all our transactions, and it is accepted by the law that it is our personal logo. It bears distinct impression of the person’s personality and mindset.

For that reason, the signature is treated a bit differently in the science of handwriting analysis than the entire “long hand” writing.

Like a signature is the seal on your written document, a handwriting analyst cannot pass a firm opinion before looking at the signature. It is unfair to opine about the personality traits of the writer solely on the basis of handwriting or just signature alone. The handwriting is what the person actually is whereas the signature is what he wants to show he wants to be seen.

Unfortantely, most people choose their signature with NO KNOWLEDGE of the underlying psychological meanings of each stroke.  Therefore, they accidentally send the WRONG MESSAGE to everyone’s unconscious mind… even those that have never been trained in handwriting analysis.

Hence if you judge the person only by signature, the analysis might be misleading as it is only what the person wants to show about himself, which might not actually be true.

If you’re one of those who is still using the same signature you designed for yourself when you were a teenager, it’s time to look into it again.  You need to know whether you’re really doing it right or sending the wrong message.

It so happened that one fine day you picked up a pen and made a legal impression of yourself, now the day has come where you need to realize that you have many more responsibilities than you had that day, and your outlook towards life needs a different perception too.

If your signature type is any of the 5 from the list mentioned below, you need to change it now and get yourself a professional signature make-over.  You can hire a professional at this website for less than a hundred bucks. http://handwritinganalysis.org

  • Strike-Through Signature

This is an alarming type of signature which people need to realize and stop using. Striking your own identity with harsh strokes shows a certain kind of hatred towards yourself. When an individual has such strokes on the signature, he has a tendency to hurt himself with harsh means.

Some people avoid simple signatures with a fear of signatures being forged, but in the gamble, you will start disliking yourself and even taking real unsympathetic steps towards your own self.

  • Camouflage Or Illigible Signature

Many times people who do not want to go out there and make some attention seeking strokes, they simply camouflage the signature by circling the initial. But while they’re circling their initial on paper, they’re not aware that they’re actually covering their life up in a shell. These people get really defensive in public as they are hiding a lot within.

This behavior is however not healthy as we humans are social animals, and we need to interact and get to know others who co-exist on the planet better.

Encircling letters in the signature will cause problems making friends as these people close themselves with a protective robe and are extremely sensitive. If you’ve got this circle around yourself, make sure you get yourself out of it soon.  Do not circle your signature.

  • Very First Small Capital Letters

When a person’s writing sample looks bigger than the signature, it shows that the person is not confident enough while performing tasks in his day-to-day life. In such samples, it is necessary to look out for other traits such as low t-bar which shows low self-esteem and small personal pronoun. If such traits are stacked in the writing, the analyst can decipher this person to be the one who thinks of himself as less capable than others.

The first letters are the size of your ego.  The healthy ego is 2-3 times the middle zone.  An unhealthy ego is 1- 1.5 times of the middle zone letters.  Middle zone letters are fine if they are small, but the first letter of each name is what is in question.

These people always have a feeling of having achieved less than they should have.  They simply don’t feel worthy of the spotlight.

Because of this, they feel crushed in a crowd and have a confidence problem. To avoid psychological damage in the long run due to such timid attitude, it is better to enlarge the signature and make it in proportion with your actual middle zone writing size.

  • Underline Backwards. Trace Back Signature

The trace back signature is a very common signature sample as many people hurriedly take the ending underline stroke back to the left before dotting around. Going backward from right to left is falling back on the decision, going back from the future to the past.

These writers are prone to fall back on their word and lack the confidence in decision making. This incompetency in the decision making process comes in because they keep running in the reverse gear, going back and forth on a call taken already. When your past life occupies space in your brain, and your past experiences are living ‘rent-free’ in your head, there is hardly any scope for innovations. Letting go is the easiest way to bliss.

In case you are one of these, make sure you make a sharp underline stroke from left to right, as it denotes confidence. Avoid falling back.

  • Scribbled & Illegible Signature

When you hurriedly take down notes in a class, where you do not care about your handwriting because eventually, its going to be just you who is reading it. That is no big deal.

However, those who sign illegible signatures in a hurry are often prone to being untrustworthy or deceitful.

While this might be totally untrue for you, most books on graphology imply that illegible signatures and numerals indicate poor ethics.  So, even if that is not true, having an illegible scribbled signature would appear to put you in the company of thieves…so don’t put yourself in that group.

They don’t really care if anyone is going to be reading it. Illegibility is also a sign of non-transparency.

These writers are very busy and also cannot finish tasks completely. If you are one of those who just drags the pen on the paper at the fastest speed, you need to slow down and start signing your full name clearly. That will help you complete your tasks and be more transparent about your doings.

Remember, your signature is what the world sees of you to be, so you need to dress it up well.

This is a more complex “symbolic signature” which is technically illegible, but is at least artistically creative.  It is also easier to forge and duplicate for legal financial transactions.  Unless you are a pop-rock star… sign your full name and be transparent.





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