Level 100 Quick Start Guide

7 Day Mini Course Quick Start.
Basic Introductory Course Audio This short audio clip explains what you will find in the introductory Handwriting Analysis Level 100 course.

NOTICE.  You are on the 2016 site and this entire course has been updated and is now published on our new 2017 interactive platform.  You will need a different user name and password to access the new platform… but we strongly suggest you LOGIN HERE and enjoy the new improved latest interactive content of this course. https://courses.handwritinguniversity.com/

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  1. execellent training and free news letter

  2. I am really grateful for the materials i got from Handwriting University.I am a teacher in Nigeria,which means i deal with students from different background and i want to be able to read their subconscious without them knowing,thanks for for giving me that opportunity,Bart;more grease to your elbow!Ben.

  3. Reasonable steps indeed! I do hope I could continue.


  5. Basic introductory video loads but does nor work (play).

  6. i want to submit my signature pl guide me

  7. hai can any one tell me .what is AB,FB,BC,CD,DE,E+ slants full form

  8. Very Nice

  9. Can’twait to get started

  10. I have wanted to do this all my life. I would do the whole membership but disability doesn’t afford me that priviledge. But ON WITH SOME LEARNING!!!!!

  11. I am starting right away …. Will leave a feedback on completing each day

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