Silver Handwriting Analysis Class Replay – CLASS 63

This is a unique tele-class that Handwriting University FACULTY hosts each month – just for Silver and Gold Members.  If you are not a member, but want to be on the next live training and have us analyze handwriting samples, you upload… go here and sign up.

Event Information:

      • Event: CLASS 63 – Replay
      • Host: Bart Baggett

Click play in the video below to view the replay of the class with samples.  

You can go full screen using the lower right corner button.

Key Traits Covered:

  • 1st handwriting “Books on Randy Houser” sample analyzed it has a self-esteem problem, relationship frustration & fluidity.
  • 2nd handwriting sample analyzed as deceitful, frank, straightforward, sarcasm, fast thinker and the t-bar analyze as enthusiasm, energy, persistent & arrogance.
  • 3rd handwriting sample analyzed that it has self-esteem issue, vanity, temper and has a concern regarding reputation. The “O” analyzed as secretive.
  • 4th handwriting sample analyzed slant in c & d. There is persistence, frustration, directness, loner, introvert & ego.
  • 5th handwriting sample analyzed there is stingers, fluidity, frustration, sarcasm, slant, persistent & determination.
  • 6th handwriting sample analyzed it there is big ego, self-esteem, dominant, temper, emotional & very talkative.
  • Finally, 7th handwriting sample analyzed fast thinking, super chaotic, quick, analytical, creativity, emotional, sensitive

Sample Gallery:

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