June 2021 Silver Tutoring Class #132


Event Information:

      • Event: Class #132 USA  Silver Class
      • Host: Bart Baggett
      • Date: Monday, June 28th, 2021.  

      • Event: Class #132 India  Silver Class
      • Host: Pooja Saran

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1 Comment

  1. Superb Analysis done for my uploaded handwriting samples who are my important family members. Based on the handwriting traits discussed and understood; makes me more comfortable and confident in relating to them better. During my journey in Sliver classes for more than 3 months now have a special and analysis quality tool ‘Metaphors” (one of the best analysis honest disclosure that I started learning from Silver Classes) on trait red alerts affecting relationships, health, success and growth.
    Also gaining Interesting and good knowledge updates towards better understanding on human personality based on the samples lively discussed from Graduated/To be Graduated Experts.
    A big Thank you to Pooja and all University Experts for their knowledge share, active participation and contribution in Silver classes by bringing out quality analysis on the uploaded samples.

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