4 Key Reasons Why Relationships Fail

Each individual is unique and so is his and her handwriting.

Every relationship involves more than one unique individuals. The longer two individuals share lives together, the more complicated this equation starts getting. If you are keen on what kind of discrepancies might arise in a relationship, it is best to consult a Handwriting Psychologist so that undesirables can be weeded out immediately. And if you’re already in a relationship, a change in handwriting can bring in an impactful change in not your partner- but your own outlook towards the relationship. If your partner desires, even they could soon follow suit for the relationship to blossom.

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Handwriting analysis assists in many ways in giving you the real picture of the partner and thus selecting the right partner. Look for the following traits before choosing a partner, and if you already have, still look, no harm! Even though this list may not be comprehensive, these are the most common factors behind dissolutions of relationships.

1) Anger and Resentment

No relationship is all sunshine, but two people can share one umbrella and survive the storm together if they can find a way to avoid expressing contempt and feeling resentful. Those two emotions are at the heart of all failed relationships and unhappy unions. 

According to the Handwriting University dictionary, the 2 primary traits that show these two qualities are a core fabric of a person is the STINGER and the RESENTMENT stroke.  If you are not familiar with the STINGER, read this recent article because no other handwriting analysis course explains this material or even addresses this stinger stroke correctl. 

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However, there are a few people who literally have a “Bad Case of The Stingers”… and this person’s entire relationship history and attraction strategy is dictated by this unconscious pattern (described in detail later) which is usually totally subconscious and out of their own control. The weight of this person’s stinger is much more intense (8 of 10). This weight indicates the characteristic is a significant driver in the person’s overall personality profile. It can’t be ignored and will show up at the surface — not just on special occasions.



Resentment is considered one of the key HELL TRAITS you must avoid.

Aggressive is the same stroke as “resentment” but it appears in the lower zone.  Get it?  Hard rigid rightward straight strokes.


2) Grudge Bearer, Blame, & Defensiveness

Holding no grudges and forgiving the other is the key to peaceful relationships. When you bear grudge against a person, it is like letting them live rent-free in your head. A grudge bearer is someone who emotionally holds onto hurts and prejudices which he experienced in the past, and is unforgiving. High emotional intensity is a major sign of holding grudges because such people feel really deeply. Also, when someone has really strong imagination, that person can imagine all the bad being done to them. this trait along with Heavy Pen Pressure is sure to tell you that this person holds grudges. Big imagination can be spotted in loops of ‘y’ and ‘h’, bigger the loops, bigger the imagination.

The second combination of traits is Heavy Pen Pressure combined with a very large ‘d’ loop which shows that the person is excessively sensitive to criticism. Well, there is just one way to avoid criticism, to do nothing, say nothing and be nothing. This person imagines criticism and always turns the pain into BLAME.  This is a difficult person to love over a long period of time.

If the handwriting shows you these two traits, you need to well think more than twice before saying things to this person which are not in his best of interest.



3) Jealousy

Jealousy is that painful emotion which results from imagining negative events if true implies the threat of losing something or someone valuable. Envy and emotional insecurity are signs to look out for in early stages of a relationship.

A tight beginning loop that makes a completely closed circle shows jealousy. Such people are very possessive in relationships, which can turn out to be one of the key reasons for relationship failure. Though a little jealousy is always healthy, it becomes a disease when it turns into larger insecurity. Other traits to spot jealousy are when you see resentment and acquisitiveness together in the person’s handwriting. 

Resentment is seen from the inflexible strokes at the beginning of a word, whereas hooks in the beginning denote acquisitiveness.

 If resentment is found even in one of the two people in a relationship, it corrupts the relationship on a whole.

4) Self-Interested Narcissist

When you want to place your personal interest over the other person’s needs and wants repeatedly, your relationship is set to go in for a toss.

Vanity and excessive pride is the first primary trait that you might be dealing with a narcissist.

When you do spot generosity in ending stroke of letter ‘y’ , then this is a good sign that the person is not a narcissist.

Low levels of generosity combined with jealousy or anger suggest high self-interests, keeping the other person in the relationship beaten down and following the drama.

If all the above factors are kept in mind, you can avoid getting too close to someone who is a tornado of drama or at least work “‘around” the core issues so you know what is your issues and what is your lovers.


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