How to Analyze Block Printing Like a Pro [Video]

Learn the process of analyzing Block Printing when no cursive is available.  This never-before-published video is in this new section (about 28 minutes running time ) of the new International Level Handwriting Analysis / Graphology Certification course.

This short lecture explains a hard-to-grasp concept of how block printing is possible to analyze and shows examples of such. The video is part of the brand new online course. Completely revised and updated for international students.  The speaker is Handwriting University founder Bart Baggett.  If you want to see the other 38 videos inside this course, just visit the website and get enrolled for instant access to the entire course.

Why does it mean if people only block print?

Block printing

Why do people block print? 

Why do these people don’t write cursive

Is it a masculine or feminine issue?

What if people forgot how to write longhand/cursive.

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