Celebrity Interview with Author Brian Moreland

Bart Baggett interviews Thriller Author Brian Moreland about his own use of grapho-therapy, success traits, essential elements of a thriller story and how other people can also achieve really big goals (like becoming a best selling author.)

Texas born author Brian Moreland, is paving the way for thriller and suspense authors everywhere. Growing up with horror influences such as Stephen King and Dean Koontz, he has made waves for his best selling self published book, Shadows In The Mist which has won several awards. His most recent horror novel, Dead Of Winter is the first book to be released on a new horror line courtesy of Samhain Publishing.

Moreland isn’t just an accomplished author, he is also a film editor whose work has ranged from documentaries to major television commercials. He has also written several short stories, Chasing The Dragon and The Dealer Of Needs. Moreland’s blog, Dark Lucidity chronicles his writing journey and also includes his photography from his many adventures.

In this captivating 43 minute interview, you will discover:

  • The story behind how Brian edited the Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy
  • How many rejections in takes to become a published author.
  • The success secret told to Brian by a very famous author in 1994.
  • Brian’s handwriting and how graphology changed his life.
  • Sneak peak into Brian’s latest thriller.
  • What makes a good movie and a great story.
  • How you can apply these career tips for your own goals.


Listen to the interview here:

Or, right click here to download to your PC, Mac, Ipod, Iphone, etc.   BrianMoreland.MP3

Click the image below to see the high resolution of Brian’s own handwriting.

You can find out more information on Brian’s latest book at his website www.brianmoreland.com

Link to read first 3 chapters, free : http://www.brianmoreland.blogspot.com

The link to buy the book direct from the publisher:

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