Analyze This Handwriting Sample: Elizabeth C.

Can you judge a book by its cover? Today’s handwriting sample is feminine, attractive, and contains lots of loops and high-endings.

What does it all mean? Is she sensual, high-maintenance, kind-hearted?

You will learn more if you approach these videos in two steps.

1. Download and analyze the handwriting on your own, before you watch the video or learn anything about the person. This is the true test of how accurate you are using your handwriting analysis skills.

Answer these questions in writing and POST THEM here, on this page.

  • What is her biggest fear?
  • Is she well traveled?
  • Is she an intelligent woman?
  • Does she have social intelligence?
  • Is she a worrier?
  • Is her sex drive stronger than normal?
  • Is she adventurous?
  • What role did religion play in the formation of her character?
  • Do you think she’s successful?

2. Wait until we release the 2 part video interview tomorrow, with the person who wrote the handwriting sample from today. Voila! The person’s character comes to life in breathing flesh and blood.

So, the full video on today’s volunteer will be released to our members tomorrow. Check back here, in the weekly newsletter section, for the full 2 part video series. But, before you do, analyze his handwriting using your skills. I suggest printing his handwriting out and use a blue or red pen to draw arrows and trait names.

Check back here, on this newsletter page, for the video when released.

Download full PDF file here or click the image below (Adobe Reader is required).

Elizabeth Handwriting Sample

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  1. her biggest fear is of success

  2. bigger s drive thn normal

  3. not successful coz she is scared of success

  4. she is intelegent because she needs a challenge

  5. Her biggest fear is being sensitive to criticism. There are seven “d’s” compared to six fears of success. She is well traveled and has lots going on in the lower zone. She is very intelligent due to her steeple shaped m’s and n’s. She is an analytical and thinks on her feet and is quick and perceptive.

    Not sure what is meant by social intelligence? I’m guess the question has to do with the slant. Her slant is a BC slant meaning she is ruled by judgement but can be sympathetic and responsive emotionally. I don’t think she is a worrier other than her being sensitive to criticism. She does have some lying loops so maybe she lies to hide something so perhaps she worries about her secrets. She doesn’t have the worry loop in her m’s and n’s.
    I think she has a strong sex drive, stronger than mine. LOL She has a desire for attention and perhaps she attracted to strong men and gets it through sex. There’s some confusion with too many irons in the fire or maybe this translates to, too many men in the bedroom. I don’t think she is overly adventurous maybe in the bedroom. I think she is open-minded about religion, but not really religious. I don’t believe that she is successful as she doesn’t finish her projects because she has too much going on at once. There is some confusion, but she is persistant. But a bit of a dreamer as well. She does have a lot of physical drive but could focus on one thing at a time to be more successful.

  6. yes but more d’s could just be more words including d does not say anything about her bioggest fear the g’s are more pronounced with a fear of success trait very prononounced

  7. The rounded script would indicate someone with an appealing character but there are disturbing signs that harbour unwelcomed traits. The low starting stroke on many words give indications of aggression and the loop in the circular letters show signs of deception.
    The strong, high t-bar is a clue to her ambitions and, having set herself ambitious goals, they appear to be out of reach of her capabilities with a few t-bars flying over the top of the stem. The dashed i-dots are an indication of haste or irritation which might tie in with the aggressive starting stroke.
    A strong material drive is shown by the large ‘Y’ loops which also clash with the line beneath, indicating a conflict of interests. The upper loops are reasonably narrow in most places, this is an indication of her abstract preferences where she is quite selective. There are signs of generosity with the extended finishing strokes.
    The signature is underlined, giving a hint to a form of egotism. This is also reflected in the final “back-to-self” stroke.

  8. On the surface this woman seems like an affable person because she has rounded strokes, however there are some resentment strokes as in the l in like and the t in the word to, 2nd line. This resentment from the past may leave her somewhat of a bitter person even know she is more friendly.
    She does have a slight fear of success because of her down turning y ending stroke but I think her biggest fear is that of rejection or better put, she wants to be highly noticed as shown by her ending strokes on the letter y in the word s you and yours (lines 1 and 4)….as they turn upward as if asking for attention.
    So it seems her biggest fear is that of not being noticed but coupled with the fact that she has wide loops on her d’s she is highly sensitive to criticism. Her overall biggest fear may be that she doesn’t want anyone to dislike her.
    She has huge lower loops as if to contain all she can get in the realms of physical drives, sexual, exercise, materialism.
    Some of her lines overlap meaning that she overextends herself in areas.
    There are some lying loops, most are lying to self but the double looped a in the word said line 3 is a lying to others trait.

  9. biggest fear: not being liked, making a bad impression
    not sure about well-travelled, she wouldn’t be taking in a lot while traveling if she did, she’d travel in her own bubble of experience, maybe cruises, Disneyland
    yes, she is intelligence but probably not in the academic sense, more in the social mores and ettiquette, people area. she may be sensitive to others energy and so protects herself by submerging her own views and “makes nice”.
    She has a need to appear successful and so has a strong drive to make it happen
    She has high spirits but they may go into anxiety very easily. She may be a people-pleaser. She may put off people with her relentless positivity and probably was raised in a rigid religious household. Her biggest adventure would be discovering her authentic self someday. Nice lady though with a soft heart that she feels she has to shield from hurt

  10. Writer is vivacious, sharp, and looking out for herself. Deceptive and sensitive to criticism, can go from friendly to cold quickly. Carries some baggage from the past. Has good sense of humor, sets high goals, is determined and can follow-through. Competent person, but her sensitivity to criticism, need to be right, and deceptiveness would drag down any team project. If she hones and develops her talents, she will make money, since that is an interest of hers. Becoming more of an expert in her chosen field will also make her less sensitive to criticism.

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