Has Charlie Sheen lost his mind? Handwriting Analyzed

It is rare to see a celebrity lash out and speak his mind the way
Charlie Sheen has been doing the past few days. In fact, if you
haven’t seen the video, you must watch it. It reminds me of a
very angry spoiled child lashing out at his parents for not
bailing him out of jail for the fourth time.

Now, I don’t know him personally, so these comments are completely
based on the “handwriting” seen on the check and the interviews
I’ve watched. Your comments are most welcome.

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What do you think?

Charlie Sheen writes a $30,000 check for cash
Charlie Sheen writes a $30,000 check for cash

Now, I saw a psychiatrist trying to diagnose Charlie from this interview as
possibly being schizophrenic or bi-polar. What a bunch of garbage.
Is it possible that maybe years of drug use has something to do with any of his behavior?
Most psychiatrist are guessing at best when they actually have a patient to run tests on… oh.
There are no test for those diseases… those are just a collection of symptoms which seem like a
disease… and might or might not respond to intense medication.

Charlie’s handwriting is fast, fluid, bold, and utterly confident.
Would you agree to a big of arrogance and prideful? Bold? Smart?
(You could argue how smart it was to call out his boss on national
TV and demand a raise to $3million an episode.)

I think the people who are hurt the most by this PR nightmare is the team
of writers, actors, and producers who work 18 hour days building a hit TV show…
who’s livelihood depends on certain actors to show up and behave like a star…
not a spoiled child that got his toy taken away. The only disease Charlie Sheen
has is “Charlie” (as he stated in a recent interview)… a lot of narcissism, the
confidence to live by his own odd rules and 20 years of no-consequence
life-style choices. If you get away with it, and keep getting away with it…
is it really a surprise he his deeply offended when someone finally says,
“Sorry Charlie, no more Tuna!”

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Exclusive: Charlie Sheen Says He’s ‘Not Bipolar but ‘Bi-Winning’

The actor denies having psychological problems in this exclusive interview.

View video here. Make comments Below.


Watch for the phrase ” Droopy eyed one armed children.” Wow… what a trip.
And, the reporter says he did pass a drug test after the interview and he wasn’t
on any drugs (Imagine how blunt he would be on drugs).


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  1. The slant, or indicator of emotional outlay, is less rightward than I would have expected, given Mr. Sheen’s intense plunge into expressing his feelings. But the slant does vary, suggesting a conflict between taking such plunges and holding back.

    The huge “C” in “Cash” could correspond to the need for attention, the feeling that he isn’t being heard and must push and leap forward wildly to get a hearing.

    The long t-bar in “Thirty” and the long stroke after “thousand” indicate high energy, and the sharp-tipped capital “A” in “Cash” and “thousand,” and the “R” in “Thirty” indicate a sharp mind. That the “A’s” are capitalized again indicates that need to be heard, maybe born of the feeling that he hasn’t been and must aggressively, dramatically, sharply pierce what he experiences as others’ not hearing.

    The large loop in the “d” indicates both sensitivity to what others think of him and awareness of the mental atmosphere around him.

    The “y” in “Thirty” is nicely balanced, and the “i” dot well placed over the “i.” So amid the sharpness and impatience, there are attention to detail and an element of balance in the imagination, regardless of appearances.

    The unreadable signature is like a whirlwind, a storm of motion. It’s as if he can and will communicate clearly when he must get factual information across (the date, the fact that he wants cash and how much he wants), but that when it comes to his identity, he’s hiding behind the stormy front. Maybe he’s lost patience–or maybe he simply figured that, obviously, he’d be known to the bank teller and was in a hurry. Still, the stormy signature seems to suggest that whirlwind we’re seeing.

    My approach to hw is to recognize that inharmony (be it anger, oversensitivity, a sense of not being heard, or whatever) is not the last word. I think of inharmony not so much as “reality” as a lack of elements of reality. If I’m angry, I’m lacking something (sense of safety, peace, justice, etc.). Turn on the light–a presence–and the darkness dissolves, because darkness is simply the lack of light. Rage, aggression, frustration are more lack of peace than real presences in themselves; this is how I see it.

    What if we see Mr. Sheen as getting whatever it is he needs to feel real peace, on grounds that this is his, and everyone’s, right? And that the way this comes about, which we don’t know at the moment, is a blessing to him and everyone concerned?

  2. My focus would be not only on the boldness of knowing what he wants to do by his handwriting, but the reactions he must react to regarding this publicity. Frustration and anger, love of his kids, attention to details are good, so, we know he is focused, but unstable with everyone putting him in the limelight, downright criticism, and his annoyance of them, makes it all the while determined to undermine the suggestive uses of the ‘squad’ that wants to keep him, yet control him, when he, lets face it, has a bold spirit that he is not ashamed of…Hugh Hefner flaunted girls, got away with things, what makes Charlie so different? I don’t like the hurt he causes others, but, if he has been doing a good show, isnt that what is the main theme here…does he produce on time?

    I am new to this handwriting analysis, sort of, but, I believe under stress, the handwriting of important documents such as checks, the true moment appears…is it focused, emotional, or? !! Is there any other handwriting that we could compare to from his past?
    Great comment greensea.

  3. Thanks, Linda!

    Yes, it does seem that he is proud of his bold spirit. I feel, looking at the sample of writing that we have (which, as you suggest, is limited because it’s the only one we have), that he’s smart, independent, sensitive, capable of being clear in his thought. At this time, he also seems to be in desperate battle with a sense of external restraints and lack of understanding from some of the people around him.

    But I also feel that the desperation and frustration, as well as the things that seem to be causing them, are a kind of mirage. I feel that this is true of all such stressful states, for all of us. Metaphysical thinkers, for centuries, have looked at harmony and inharmony as being the real and the unreal, the clear and the unclear or hypnotic.

    So real peace, for Mr. Sheen or anyone going through a storm, isn’t in mindless conformity, but in stilling the clamorous beliefs and resultant emotions. Stillness allows genuine ideas, rather than mere beliefs, to speak to us. Then our “emotional outlay” changes.

  4. I don’t see much more to speak of as Greensea and Linda have stated it all rather well I’d say. However, just looking at the Gestalt of his writing……after the word thousand, one can see an arrow with a heart at one end as if entering through a lasso loop which might be the beginning of the word Dollars? (which he never finished). Also it is finished off with an X. X’s always denote death in some fashion.
    Symbolic of all theloves he’s lost perhaps and he mentioned in the video that he was from another dimension in his mind of course, perhaps a near death experience? A renewed spirit perhaps? After taking all the drugs/drinking as he has it would take a near death experience to wake someone up from such a stupor!

    Look down on the check to the left hand corner where it says the word For. A large capital then what looks like a “crossout” on the same line. Maybe that is just an error mark on the check but it sure looks like a crossout to me. Funny thing though as there is nothing written to cross out.

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