Is This Marriage Headed for Divorce?

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1. FEATURE STORY: “Is This Marriage Headed for Divorce” by Bart Baggett

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bart baggettFEATURE STORY :
Is this couple headed for divorce? Are they a match made in heaven or hell? Handwriting reveals all! – 
by Bart Baggett

One of the most profound uses of handwriting analysis is the art of compatibility analysis. I say “art” because even though predicting the personality is based on solid psychological principles, the ability to combine those two personalities and predict how these two humans will interact takes years of experience and is not something that can be calculated with math.

Look at the two samples and decide if you think the marriage will last. At the time they wrote this (now), they are married. However, they are considering divorce. Can they change? Should she change or should he change?

Is he the problem or is she the problem? In my experience, it is always a two-way street. In this situation, they are both too sensitive to criticism and both have valid reasons, at this point, to want to leave the other.

I think she has been most generous and he is a pain in the butt.

Amanda, wife.

Now, here is her husband’s handwriting. We will call him JOE. Are they a good match? Will they get divorced?

Here are my notes on Amanda’s handwriting sample.

1. Fluid thinker, bright mind. Connects thoughts in a fluid fashion. Good talker.
2. Yielding round top “s”. Avoids conlict and yields in arguments when she knows she is right.
3. t-bars 3/4 of the way up the stem: good goals, pragmatic, good self-esteem
4. Closed e-loops. Selective listening. Closes her ears to certain people.
5. Tall, looped d-stem. Excessive fear of criticism; vanity. Concerned about what others
might think and gets defensive quickly.
6. End of word tilting down is a sign of depression. Check for medical or emotional symptoms.
7. M humps going downhill = diplomacy. A kind way with words and people.
8. A in Amanda is healthy size indicating a healthy ego to support a decent self-esteem. (Not high, but better than average.)
9. Big spaces between letters indicate a sense of generosity with her time and money.
10. a and o shapes that are very clean, open, and not-closed at the top indicate a sense of honesty, talkativeness, and clear communication.

Here are my notes on Joe’s Handwriting sample.

1. Tall looped d-stem. Excessive fear of criticism and vanity. Concerned about what others might think and gets defensive quickly. This loop is MUCH larger than Amanda’s because his middle zone is so much smaller. This indicates he is almost paranoid. He imagines criticism and makes assumptions that are not true. HARD TRAIT TO LIVE WITH.
2. Bouncy baseline indicates a fast mind and a lack of anal-retentive qualities. Often people with bouncy baselines are clumsy.
3. t-bars 3/4 of the way up the stem: good goals, pragmatic, good self-esteem as it relates to goals. (A large d is an insecurity, but it should not be confused with one’s self-esteem.) Very pointed t-bars indicate a VICIOUS sarcasm. This is his defense mechanism for his sensitiveness. Hyper-critical.
4. Very talkative. Talks without thinking first. He may be prone to hurt feelings considering his sarcastic and impulsive nature.
5. Go-to-HELL K. This large K indicates his rebellious personality and need to break the rules. Hates conformity.
6. Sexual frustration. No surprise… his wife, Amanda, is divorcing him. Go figure.
7. Y and G downstrokes that end in a straight line and fade away. Straight down indicates a loner… he doesn’t trust or want to need anyone close. The fading quality is a bit of laziness and inability to make a strong, powerful finish. I would say his physical drives and even energy have been compromised lately.
8. The d-stem is both looped and tilted backwards at a significantly different slant than the rest of the writing. This shows he “withdraws” into himself when he gets criticized and goes into his shell. (Yes, he has sarcasm, but his shell is the safest place when his feelings are hurt. This is confirmed by the small writing.)

Finally, his writing is small, focused, and has sharp points on his m and n humps. This shows a high level of analytical ability, focus, concentration, and intensity. His fear is what drives him to be difficult to live with because his defense mechanisms must be turned on 24 hours per day. He should retrace his “d” before he gets re-married.

This couple is already in the process of a divorce. Good decision.


Q: What can be told from a person’s signature?
A: The signature represents what a person wants the world to see or what he wants to be, an image that may or may not be the same as the inner self. Because a signature contains only a few letters, it does not provide enough information for the analyst to make a complete and accurate evaluation.
Q: My signature is illegible. What does that mean?
A: It means people have a hard time reading your name. Seriously, illegible handwriting can mean a number of things. In general, an illegible signature reveals a desire to be seen but not known, keeping things private. You may want to keep your true identity hidden. It could also mean you are in a hurry. People who continually sign their name all day long often do so in a hurry and, therefore, don’t care what their signature looks like. Illegible handwriting in combination with other specific traits may indicate dishonesty, but there are a lot of variables.
Q: Why is my signature different than how I write everything else?
A: Because the signature is a badge to the world. It is a representation of what a person wants the world to see about himself. A signature that is different from the rest of his writing says he does not want to reveal everything about himself. There may be some aspect of his personality that he wants to hide, so he creates a new “person” by creating a signature with a different look.

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