Inside Edition: Isis Victim Kayla’s last letter.

I taped a US national TV segment today for Inside Edition.  If you live in the US, check it out on Feb 10th, 2015 after the evening news.



Kayla Mueller’s Letter to Her Family

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  1. I have become very rusty, haven’t done this for a long time…but would be careful to jump to conclusions too quickly. Noticeable are: no margins / many words on a line / small size / lined paper / vacillating slant/ legibility/ MZ and LZ intermingling. The writing would have to be rendered on limited space, it seems – as only the last greeting (All my…) is larger in size than the rest of the writing. Allow me to guess, without lengthy explanations: High intelligence / ambivalence about future (!) / clear communicator, not afraid to confront / independent spirit / occasional depression but otherwise well-controlled. It is better not to read the printed version first; otherwise an answer to the questions above might become too biased in one form or another. There’s lots of other stuff, of course. Poor girl!

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