What does Kim Kardashian’s Autograph Reveal?

A magazine reporter called me last week and begged me to do a quick analysis of the super famous Playboy Playmate and reality star Kim Kardashian.
For those who do not watch much reality TV, her hit show The Kardashians follows Kim and her family around drama-filled shoe shopping sprees and other nail biting experiences.

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Here’s a few snippets from the Hollywood Life article:

“Her biggest fear is not being liked or being criticized on a personal level,” Bart Baggett of America’s Top Handwriting Experts and University.com’s President of Handwriting tells HollywoodLife.com after examining an autograph Kim gave us during a QuickTrim promotion in Sherman Oaks, Calif. May 6. “Kim is very sensitive and this can translate into ‘defensiveness’ when criticized.”

Even though the 29-year-old brunette beauty wants approval from everyone she meets, she definitely isn’t a pushover, and is “extremely determined and strong-willed,” Baggett says.

Plus, Baggett says being on TV is the perfect environment for Kim’s personality.

“She has a fluid mind, which lends her to being a good talker,” Baggett tells us, explaining, “This fluidity indicates her ability to talk and talk — and talk is a strength typical of professional speakers and radio hosts.”

Thankfully, the middle Kardashian sister can rely on organized mom Kris Jenner, because judging from her signature, she definitely needs the help of an assistant! “She fails to dot her i’s, which indicates a lack of attention to detail,” the expert says. “This can often be called absentmindedness or forgetfulness.”

Despite these minuscule weaknesses, Kim’s autograph generally speaks highly of her character. “Her optimism is a positive trait which makes her look at any situation with the idea something good might come of it,” says Baggett.

– HollywoodLife.com


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