What is graphotherapy?

Originally published in the Deccan Chronicle:

A form of psychotherapy, which is popular across the world, graphotherapy is slowly inching its head up in India. An off-shoot of graphology, that involves the analysis of one’s handwriting, graphotherapy uses the principle of reverse psychology to fill gaps in one’s personality. Says handwriting expert, Dr Parag Khatri, “Handwriting is directly connected to the workings of the brain. When we change our handwriting, we send reverse impulses to the brain which sends out a new neuro pathways. The brain has an option to choose between the old and new pathway.”

Dr. Parag recommends this workbook and handwriting journal for everyone who wants to really succeed with grapho-therapy.  http://www.myhandwriting.com/change/ chlf30dy.html

It takes about a month to perceive a notable change provided one practises writing three pages (of the recommended stroke) each day for the entire month. “For instance, if someone is suffering from low confidence levels, we recommend raising the t-bar. Which means the person has to write the letter “t” in that manner across three pages, everyday,” explains Dr Khatri. Says Aparna Nair, an HR professional, “We request candidates to give us a handwritten resume along with a printed one. It helps us get a detailed perspective of their personality, something that cannot be achieved through a 15-minute interview.”

Graphotherapy, in fact, is very useful for children, in the formative stage of development. Shambhavi Khaitan, a school teacher, says, “Through graphotherapy, unexpressed issues in a child’s mind come to the fore. It’s more effective with children because their minds are without reservations.”

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http://www.myhandwriting.com/change/ chlf30dy.html


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