Day 3 – The Traits of the Lower Case t

The audio above contains a brief introduction to this page. Scroll down for a written lesson and reference Grapho-deck cards, handwriting samples and an extended audio and short video lesson featured in the audio section.

-Bart Baggett

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The letter has contained many strokes with a variety of meanings. In this one hour t-party lecture, taken directly from the 14 CD Level 301 Certification Home Study Course, Bart Baggett and Taylor Morgan discuss the most common personality traits revealed by this amazing letter.

You can always learn more from our Home Study Courses about evaluating and combining traits.






Bart Baggett, Taylor Morgan & Curt.


“The T Party”

Today’s audio file was taken directly from the 14 CD Level 301 Certification Home Study Course which was recorded live at a recent Handwriting University International Conference. You will learn even more of the characteristics revealed in the letter “t” when you enroll in the 101 Level Handwriting Analysis Course.

The Grapho-Deck Flash Cards comes shipped as part of the Level 101 course.  We recommend you upgrade to the “online version” or the “shipped to your door version.”

The paper cards called the Grapho-Deck shipped to your door. Small, portable, durable.
The paper cards called the Grapho-Deck shipped to your door. Small, portable, durable.




Special Reports

What’s in the Letter T?

This article written by Bart Baggett talks about the various traits found in the letter t and includes a video lesson with bonus analysis of a handwriting sample.

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Nathan Fox

Nathan Fox

“Hi, I just completed the 3-day Handwriting University workshop seminar. I wanted to just say one really quick thing, I didn’t really know about Handwriting Analysis before the workshop. I think it’s extremely beneficial, even from a business standpoint. If I would’ve known about this a few years ago, I could have saved over $100,000 in business deals.

If I knew more about the people that I was making deals with, I would have done things differently. So, you live and learn and I’ll be using Handwriting Analysis in the future. Bart has a passion for teaching handwriting and the way that they’ve packaged the material makes it very easy to learn. I plan to learn more about handwriting and work on getting certified so that I can use it in my daily life.”

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