Miss Iceland Quits Pageant over “Too Fat” comment from organizers. What does her handwriting say about her personality. Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir Miss Iceland

                                                  Miss Iceland 2016 Told she is to fat for the contest.


I have conducted an analyses process as per the sample provided. My personal opinion follows.I think she is stunning inside and out!!!!!!!!!A few important points to remember. At some point the reader may come across parts of this analysis that may seem contradicting. In this case it becomes important to view the headline area of the summary. Also view it in the context it is written. People are complex beings.This analyses was conducted using both methods of analyses. The Trait Stroke (French)and The Gestalt.(German origin).Every now and then one comes across what I term a 50/50 person. Arna is just such a person.The emphasis on balance, give and take work vs. reward.


Dr Brian Faul Certified Handwriting Analyst (Handwriting University)Dr  E Karohs.

                                                                                  Sample of Arnas letter




                                                                                                                                           Motivating Forces

Super-independent, Arna ,simply does not recognize that anyone may have authority over her greater than her own. She will not tolerate anyone breathing down her neck or in any way attempting to direct her.  Challenges attract her like a magnet. She welcomes them with open arms. In fact, life would be no fun for her without difficult obstacles to overcome. Ambitious, achievement-oriented, and goal-driven, she keeps her eye fixed firmly on her objectives, taking whatever steps are needed to meet them.  She needs plenty of autonomy and space in which to operate. Without that elbow room she soon becomes antsy and ready to move on.  She does her best to maintain equilibrium and build a consensus, avoiding fights and arguments whenever possible. However, when her values or principles are called into question, you can expect her to come back with a sharp response.!!!! ……(.See the sample writing for more details on this).

                                                                                                                                             Personal Dynamics

 As long as it doesn’t interfere too much with her personal needs, she is likely to do what is asked of her, and in most instances, can be counted on to produce as expected.  Her point of view tends to be middle-of the road, nothing too extreme or off the wall. She may not be totally pragmatic, but enough to make choices based on grounded common sense.  She is willing to consider various options and alternatives, but needs to know they are based on sound data before assimilating them into her daily life. In other words, Arna is willing to adapt to circumstances, as long as there is a good reason for it.  Seeing some quick returns for her trouble is important for her. With a normal amount of determination at her disposal, she is unlikely to continue pouring effort into a project or situation that does not appear to be going anywhere.


                                                                                                                                                 Ego Strength

 Her pride makes her unwilling to accept failure without trying and trying again, even when it would be better to move on to the next level.  Unlike many people who seek their answers from others, she has the self-confidence to follow her own path and counts on a sense of inner direction to guide her.  She values honesty and integrity in others and makes an effort to give as good as she gets. Her sense of honor means more to her than monetary rewards.  Willing to demand what she wants, her ability to draw the line between satisfying her own needs and helping others signifies strong self-esteem.  Willpower helps her delay gratification until the time is right. Once she has set her sights on a goal, she is strong minded about achieving it.


                                                                                                                                                Defenses & Controls 

Arna concentrates so keenly on making everything “just right,” that she may find it difficult to get a project finished on time. She doesn’t know when to stop trying to improve things.  Creating balance in one’s life requires knowing when to say “no” to your impulses and when to act on them. She appears to have learned this lesson, as she usually weighs and balances all the factors under consideration before reacting.  She has her fair share of inhibitions. When it comes to moving into unfamiliar areas, she usually waits until she has sufficient information to make a good decision before going forward.  She is less interested in acquiring new possessions than in maintaining what is already hers. Neither does she have any difficulty letting go when something has outlived its usefulness.


                                                                                                                                                Intellectual Style

 Arna is not limited by the boundaries of her everyday existence, but puts her imagination to use in planning for the future. Visualising the things she wants to do, even though they may seem like a distant dream for the moment, can help her turn them into a reality.  She is less comfortable with the intuitive or metaphorical than she is using logic and reason to reach a conclusion.  Not one to be limited by conventional thinking, she lets her inspiration take her wherever it will. Her creative ability sets her free to envision a world which so far exists only in her mind’s eye.  Her preference is to make conclusions based on deductive reasoning rather than a more analytical approach. When she has to make an analysis, however, she is  capable of doing so.  Although she may feel strongly about a matter, she is careful when expressing an opinion and does her best to see all sides without becoming overly involved.  Familiar ideas that have worked well for her in the past are more comfortable, so she weighs and measures each new idea before adopting it. She is not totally closed- minded about accepting change, but her attitude is one of caution. 


                                                                                                                                                  Communication Style 

In most circumstances, what you see is what you get. She can be flexible, but her sincerity is rarely in question and you can count on her to back up what she says.  She is a good confidante. A very private person, she is unlikely to reveal confidential information, even when faced with great temptation. Her mouth is closed, locked, the key carefully hidden.  Keeping a sense of humour helps her to see the lighter side of things. By refusing to take things too seriously, she can sometimes even help others overcome a bad mood.  While not exactly blunt, she is more apt to use the direct approach when she has something to say. You could say she makes an effort to use some tact and diplomacy to get the point across.  She might like to be more outspoken, but good manners usually prevail and she generally opts to keep negative thoughts to herself.

The important fact to remember when something sounds a bit conflicting as in the above sentences. I often find conflicting interpretations in well balanced persons. This is in essence what makes us complete as humans.

VI1507301028, Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, minn stíll, stíllinn minn, vikan, 32. tbl, 2015 VI1507301028, Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir, minn stíll, stíllinn minn, vikan, 32. tbl, 2015

                                                                                                                                                Interpersonal Style

She has a friendly, convivial style and is comfortable interacting with various types of people. At the same time, she might prefer that visitors call first and make an appointment, rather than just “dropping by” without warning.  Although she may be sensitive to friends’ needs, she maintains her boundaries and expects others to do the same .She therefore  doesn’t allow herself to become overburdened by others’ problems or overwhelmed by their opinions.  She is responsive, but doesn’t let her feelings run away with her. Therefore in combination it reflects that she expresses her emotions at appropriate times, in appropriate ways.


                                                                                                                                                 Work Style

 Her work ethic demonstrates a belief that playtime must be earned. The truth is though, she doesn’t really know what playtime means because she is usually working and may need to be strong-armed into taking time off.  She is meticulous in the way she approaches her work. Quick to pick up on items that others miss, her passion for detail may often surprise others. No point is too insignificant for her to notice. Thus the sample letter used to conduct provides the evidence to this fact.  She welcomes anything that leads to growth. With her adventurous spirit, she and is open to whatever opportunities comes along.  Pushing forward with a desire to conquer the odds, she has the drive to win. She doesn’t count the personal cost, but keeps her eyes on the goal, regardless of what it takes to accomplish it.  Her cooperative nature distinguishes her as someone who is more than willing to participate on a team project. However, if the pressure is turned up too high, she is likely to retreat to a quiet place on her own, so if you want her to do something, ask nicely. !!!!!!!!!!!


                                                                                                                                                  Sales Style

 Arna is not the type of person who waits to be given direction, she often takes the initiative. Observing the situation, she assesses what needs to be done to take it to the next level and proceeds accordingly.  Arna doesn’t believe in hiding her light. She is a performer who needs an audience to entertain. Even in small groups, you can expect her to go for a big showing in her presentation.  She follows through when something interests her, but may let the ball drop if things drag on for too long. A friendly reminder on occasion wouldn’t go amiss. 


                                                                                                                                                Management Style

 Arna pulls everyone together and makes them feel they are getting a hearing ear. She is not the type of person who creates a “winner takes all” environment. She wants everyone to come out of the conflict feeling that they have won something. Her good instincts provide her with important information about the underlying situation and helps her to make fair judgments.  Her natural ability to take command seems to lead her into situations where she is in charge. She gladly accepts difficult assignments that put her in a position of power and authority.  Goal-directed and highly structured, she takes a pragmatic approach, determined to reach her objective, no matter how difficult the task.  When she has the right knowledge and equipment to operate effectively, you can expect her to do a good job without constant supervision. She has a sense of purpose and aspires to complete what she starts.  She likes to know what is coming up ahead of time, but is not so tightly organized that she can’t handle last-minute changes. She leaves enough space to make adjustments as needed.

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