Video Replay of Tutoring Member’s Only Training

This is a unique tele-class that Handwriting University FACULTY hosts each month – just for Silver and Gold Members. Enjoy the replay and consider becoming a member and joining this month’s LIVE class where we can analyze your handwriting.

Video Information:

Event: Silver Member Tutoring Class

Host: Bart Baggett with Special Guest Kelly Fowler and Doc Grayson

Download the MP3 audio only here:

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00:00  Visiting with students and updates from members

04:46  JR Tolkien signature ;  Writer of Lord of the Rings

06:18 “Mark is Gay”

07:59 – 19:24 Stinger defined at intermittent affection disorder.
Girl was molested. Big Men problems.  Father failed to validate her.
Red Flag Category

20:04  – 22:19 X s at the baseline.  Deviant ethics.

22:23 Kelly Fowler’s signature makeover

Does this look like a man’s private parts?

28:05  How to more authentic signatures.

31:35  Dear Phyllis Letter  FA slant.

31:11  Sexual arena?

Would this person “Screw up a one man funeral?”
Lying and an emotional disaster.

36:49    Phyllis’s hand writing.

More real nut-bags

43:06  end of class.

Sample Gallery:

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