Class #74 Tutoring Class Replay


Event Information:

      • Event: Class 74 – Replay
      • Host: Bart Baggett

Click play in the video below to view the replay of the class with samples.

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Key Traits Covered:

  • First handwriting sample Frustrated and wishy-washy. T on the work right reveals stubborn. Looking at the work immediate on the third line stubbornness and low self-esteem. Another observation found is a stinger in g at the word amazingly. Handwriting expert, Bart, analyzed that all angles are analytical, critical, probing and investigative. The stinger in the letter a at the word thank you also reveals in trouble relationship.
  • Second handwriting sample reveals guilt & criticism. The g in the first line and in second line the word German reveals paranoid. Dave also found the the person is sensitive to criticism. The short t analyzed as enthusiasm.
  • Third handwriting sample the downward t to the right analyzed as domineering & sarcasm. Another observation is rebellious and critically artistic.
  • Fourth handwriting sample, stinger in the word attract w/c means analytical thinker while in the word dance at the seventh line w/c analyzed as artistic. High t-bars w/c means bossy, practical and a bit low pragmatic.
  • Fifth handwriting reveals the person is a people pleaser, super pride and not expressive.
  • Sixth handwriting sample reveals that the person is quick, very decisive and intelligent.

Sample Gallery:

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