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This page is a resource to protect you from Internet and Corporate Fraud.  I want you to be aware of false advertising from fake internet companies that want your money.  There are also many sites posting false and  malicious claims against companies and individuals that are not true, posted by competitors.  There are many websites which contain slander and libelous material, which are not factually accurate.  I have compiled this list or FRAUD BUSTER resources so you can sift through fact from fiction.  I will also be posting lawsuit data which has factual data against companies which knowingly market harmful products which hurt children and adults and lost the lawsuits.

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Beware of False Advertising

These are the Top 10 types of scam to avoid:

1. Instant Win on Lotteries, Prizes and Other Promos

These are personally addressed letters to email or what so ever, claiming that you have won a great amount of prize or even great products, this is an instant win so the person never remembers when and where they just subscribe in. Scammers tell you that you have won a great prize but you have to pay for a fee or a shipping fee in order to get you true prize, getting your full info and your credit card info for free to them. Sometimes scammers will ask personal info’s only this ensure them they’ve got you the next scam.

2. Pyramid Schemes and Chain Letters
Pyramid scheme is a networking scam that includes a chain of people, this operate by recruiting people instead of selling the true product or services. The victims are recruited for a cash investment, at first they will tell you how they become successful in what they are doing, they encourage you to be their investors, telling you also that you do not have to worry as soon as you also had recruited someone you don’t have to sell the product and just sit there and your recruited someone will find money for you.

3. Phishing Scam
This is so dangerous when the public is not aware of this. This is an criminal fraudulent Email addressed to a person telling them that their credit cards had an error, it is an instant message telling you that in order to fix the problem you are recommended to enter your user name and password on the spot of that email, and voila! You have been scammed; they’ve got the most important info the username and password that you’ve entered there. Scammers make their email really genuine or authentic looking, even forging the signature of the bank CEOs. Leaving you with nothing on your credit cards.

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4. Email Scams
This are all the spammers does, to fool someone. Spammers are those emails or comments on your blog that doesn’t mean anything sometimes not related and just pop up and saying you’ve won or recruiting you to join something. Spammers have access to large amount of email address in the world wide web maybe that includes ours now. Easy as scraping emails for websites to websites and they email blast what they want to sell to the public. Not knowing this is a scam because they intended to send you a clean site that offers something and telling you that they are some kind of a professional that sell you something.

5. Internet Dating Scam
These scams are really a heart broken and that leaving you with nothing. Sometimes you do not know who is you’re talking to probably the same sex. Internet dating is an online relationship that is build up it will last for weeks; they are so tricky to get your heart. This is one of a scenario: You have broken up to someone or being bored, then there is your computer and internet, then you came up to a dating sites (not knowing it is a scam at first, because they feature a legitimate site and to-be-friendships), then you picked one, they will grab the opportunity to trick you, scammers act like your comfort friend, then the relationship is build up, Scammer will borrow your info, because of trust and the long days of knowing each other, you will trust them to your personal info, even share you a story of their situation and sufferings in their place making you understand them and lend a money for them, if that is not the end, they will also ask you or if the friendship will build up a marriage will be ask and they will ask for a transportation fee to go to your place, and that’s it they are gone without a contact, you cannot search them on the internet because they are using aliases and fake email adds. Simply as that, left you scammed and heartbroken.

6. 419 Nigerian Scam
This is a popular type of scam and there is someone else that is victimized by these scammers. 419 Nigerian Scam is an email type of scam that is personally addressed to the receiver and it is a letter form. The Letter promise rich rewards for helping them maybe a government officials, professional, lawyers, widowed, a son or a daughter, etc… you are encourage to help them for a legal problem, this will encourage you by the fact that seeing a big amount of money will be given to you as an exchange for a specific amount of money.

7. Employment or Job Scams
Scammers use the world wide web, advertisements, radio, TV, seminars, email, home emails and newspaper ads to directly approach anyone that there is a big opportunity to work with a greatly compensated, There will be a fee for all the papers that you’ve wanted to have and they wanted you to have also, all you have to do is to pay to have that contract for employment but after giving something to them that will be a success to them and leave you with nothing and sometimes a debts.

8. Gambling system Scams
Gambling systems are often promoted as business opportunities or investments. Often they promote a system to reap money from horse racing, lottery syndicates or share investment systems. Professional people, retirees and others with funds to invest are often targeted. More often than not the word gambling does not appear in the glossy brochures and promotional material. The promoters go to great lengths to portray the systems as legitimate business opportunities, even recruiting well-known personalities to help sell the systems. The promotional material promises huge returns, supposedly based on past results. But these so-called results are worthless because they are manipulated to prove a particular outcome.

9. Telemarketing Scams
Telemarketing comes in many forms: Direct approach where you are contacted by an operator, sometimes a telemarketer based overseas; Automated pre-recorded voice messages and, pop-up Internet advertisements or spam, which requires you to contact a telemarketer. (Some encourage you to respond to voice interactive premium telephone services which can charge up to $5 a minute); Automated dialing equipment which randomly dials numbers, and if you answer the phone, the telemarketer is switched through to you. (Sometimes there are not enough telemarketers to take the calls, and the calls drop out resulting in a silent call). Some telemarketers start their sales pitch with “Congratulations you have won” or ask you to participate in a survey, when in fact they are just trying to hook you in. Do not Buy Anything from them, that fact that you haven’t subscribe anything like that.

10. Investment Scams
Telemarketing, in the form of cold calling, can be used to promote scams. To attract and hold the victim’s curiosity, some scammers will pretend to be investment advisers, stockbrokers or community workers from a religious organization. The calls often come from overseas and offer you above-average returns on your money. They sometimes make an appointment for a “senior advisor” to ring you back. They generally offer share, mortgage or real estate “investments”, “high return” schemes, option trading or foreign currency trading. The scammers are persistent and play on your emotions, making you feel like a fool if you say “no” to them. Some scammers target people with specific religious or community interests, enticing them with promises to send profits to charity or worthy causes.

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