101 book hits #1 at Amazon … Who won the Kindle Fire Giveaway?

Announcing the winner of the Handwriting 101 Kindle Fire Giveaway.

As you might know, I promised to give away one brand new Kindle Fire book reader to anyone
kind enough to leave a “book review” at the Handwriting Analysis 101 amazon book page to
help this little introductory book reach “Best Seller Status”.

Well, thank you dozens of kind readers and fans… we hit #1 last week.

So, if you missed out on the contest, you can still grab the ebook for just .99
cents until the end of this week.  You can read it on your PC, smartphone or
any iPad, Kindle, or Mac.  We plan on raising the price next week.

If you did leave a “book review”, then your name was in the box of
submissions and you might have just won a Kindle Fire.  Watch the
video below and find out.

Oh, if you want to finally get certified as a handwriting expert, consider
checking out our online catalog here for those of you
who like to study at home.


Visit the site below for details and early registration.

Los Angeles Seminar  http://myhandwriting.com/seminars/


If you are the winner, send an email to us with your full shipping address. We will ask
you to confirm your identify as the winner and then we will verify that address to the review.

support  @   handwritinguniversity.com

Note:  If you email us and claim to be the winner, but you’re actually not, there is no chance of
getting the Kindle. Trust us on this one.


** The winner was a wonderful grateful lady named Dee Ralls from Township, New Jersey USA.

Watch our emails for our next Free Kindle Book Promotion give-away.  Dee won because she was

one of 63 reviews written by the deadline.  A 1 in 63 chance is pretty good.



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  1. bookreview

    this is a wonderful book.
    it can change persons subconscious mind and make him fit and change the life of a person who did every thing accoding to the way you explained.

    Pankaj Palekar,
    Nanded, Maharashtra,
    India. 431602.

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