Handwriting Analysis Interview: Arthur K.

Below is the latest video interview for the Handwriting University Membership site. This video is not for public viewing, only registered members and newsletter readers. Please leave your comments below the video so future members and readers can take away some bits of knowledge from viewing it.

To gain more from this video interview, make sure you download and print out the actual handwriting from the PDF file and do a full personality profile, before you look at the video. Otherwise, it will be like looking at the answers to the crossword puzzle, before you attempt the puzzle. You will learn MUCH more if you analyze the handwriting, make a comment below… then view the video.

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You can find his full resolution handwriting sample in part one, located here:


Contains: Arthur K., Video. Part One and Part Two. Conclusion of interview

Video 1:

Video 2:


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  1. Love the new format, very helpful, more streamlined with tighter editing ( still could be a bit shorter overall ). I especially like you showing the handwriting examples while the subject reveals the answer. Although the questions should be in the order of the interview reveal. Possibly more questions which would relate to each other is needed. I also appreciated asking bonus questions during the interview, showing the handwriting traits and then listing all the areas that imply. The ending seminar recap is also surprisingly full of tiny tidbits that are very helpful, especially different ways to explain or compassionate wording to use. There are so many wonderful things that a live discussion gives as compared to books. The part explaining ways we should look at certain stacking and how it leads to future behavior, needs to be covered more extensively in a future lesson. Keep up the good work. I’m glad the samples are more spaced out, for those of us with busy schedules, it can be hard to keep up sometimes.

  2. I’m sorry to say I’m a bit of a rebel, or maybe have a lazy streak, which means I did not take the time to analyze the writing sample before watching the videos. I have been interested in graphology for so many years, maybe I was thinking I didn’t need that step, but by not taking the time, I did not learn as much as I could have. I did take a quick look at the writing sample when I checked email on my iPhone and thought Arthur would be aggressive and even a bit closed-minded and maybe pathological in some way. I thought I say low t-bars and noted he could have low self-esteem and be unsure of himself. The main thing I thought was that I would not like him, yet I did!

    I liked him so much in the interview that I seriously doubted I had learned anything in my years of dabbling rather than taking this study seriously. Thanks for this, and I am sorry not to have taken your expert (and obvious) advice.

  3. from a reader:

    I’m just trying to analyze the above handwriting.I don’t know whether I’m wright or not.

    1.The size of the letters are mixed up,some are big and some are very small that means he is a combination of both introvert and extrovert.He has slightly slant variation from left to right in the same sentence.This person has trouble making decisions because the head and heart are in conflict.This person has a dual personality.

    2.The letters are connected,so the person judges things according to experience.His baseline is slightly wavy means no inner turmoil.A descending baseline means pessimism,tiredness or depression.letters written close together or compressed indicate a person who feels uncomfortable about themselves,and usually has low self esteem or is self conscious.

    3.He has a single loop in the communicative letter”o”,so he doesn’t lie.

    4.His handwriting is hard to read,so the writer doesn’t want to communicate for some unknown reason.And also his “y” says that he is a loner.

    please let me know by the return of mail whether my analyzation is right or wrong. Moumita

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