Golden Girl Betty White’s Handwriting Analyzed.

Golden Girls actress and one of Hollywood’s remaining “stars from sitcoms past”, this Golden Girl actress has a cult-like following … unusual for even actresses half her age.  What is her secret?  What is in her handwriting?  View here a brief sample of her handwriting and see if you think her self-esteem is a key reason for her 5+ decades of Hollywood success.

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Click HERE to see the full handwriting sample & scroll down to see Bart’s analysis using graphics.

And, if you are interested in more handwriting, here is different full page sample of a handwritten note (her handwriting has remained pretty consistent throughout the years on autographs and letters.)

Betty White handwriting sample
Handwritten Letter from Betty White fan site.

Handwriting Analysis of Betty White,
By Bart Baggett (graphics created by Robert Warren)

Slant of the writing and the angle of the baseline slope is covered in the Handwriting 101 basic kit. If you are not familiar with these two concepts, start with the basic course as these are fundamentals which will serve you well to master.

Beginning hooks are desire to acquire, this is often common among pack rats and collectors. The exit hook is like a “hand in the air” begging for attention.  Naturally, acting and being a star will help fill this need.

The points in the m are part of an overall thinking pattern, which lends to Betty’s intelligence.

The letter O with no inner loops indicates “bluntness”, but the small loop in an occasional O indicates she can keep secrets.  As an analyst, you must count of the number of Os and calculate a percentage of loops vs non-loops to see which trait is more prevalent.  Many people have two or more traits (which might seem to contradict, but really are part of the human equation .)


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The height of the t-bar indicates goals and self esteem. The length represents energy – enthusiasm. Two success traits here.

Fluidity of thinking is common among actors, radio hosts, and comedians. Desire for Responsibility is common among CEOS and celebrities.

This is common among people who are in a happy relationship, and do not need 100 more friends in their inner circle.


  1. I am not surprised by Betty White’s handwriting analyses because it proves what many people have already known……….that she is a delightfull person to know; she has so many good traits or happy ones if you will.
    BTW, I truly like the visual aid examples as they are quite easy to see and understand. Fantastic!

  2. My girlfriend is a long time fan of the Golden Girls, she loved the article.

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