Is Your Boss A Big Fat Liar? Truths Revealed By The Letter “O”

Is your Boss a Big Fat Liar?  (Are you a liar? Is your spouse a liar?)

The lower case letter “o” reveals how honestly you communicate, but it doesn’t really reveal if you are obese.

Isn’t it amazing to discover if someone will lie to you from just one letter? Yep.  It’s true 95% of the time. Test it.

The lower case letter o tells you how blunt or secretive someone will be,
or if they are prone to lying.Take a look at the lower case o.

Single loop – keeps small secrets. No inner loop – blunt and candid.
Double loops – run, don’t walk to the nearest exit – big fat liar.

If you see double loops, realize that these people believe telling the bold truth
might make them look bad or hurt someone’s feelings…. so they will shade the truth – or just lie.

Watch out for Double Loops which touch in the middle.

By analyzing their handwriting and looking at the letter “o” – You can even tell how often they lie.

Now, take a look at this video segment taken from the Handwriting Analysis Certification Course…
where I discuss the letter “o” and the variations of lying loops.

Are you Self deceitful, secretive, talkative or a liar?

Find out what different O loop combinations mean.

The letter o revealed inside the Best Selling Grapho-Deck Flash Cards

This video segment from my lecture on the lying loops found in the letter “o,” will present you with
yet another valuable way you can use handwriting analysis in your everyday life.

But pay attention…it can be a little tricky, not all liars are pathological!
Not all lying is BAD… you have to
consider the context.

“In our recent experience, people going through
Grapho-Therapy or deep life transformation often have

temporary lying loops during the “changes”.
Don’t be too harsh on yourself… just be aware and mindful.”

Many people have secretive loops which are formed on the right side of the letter.
This means they generally keep things to themselves, which could be beneficial if you want them to keep your secrets.

Or they could be lying to themselves. This shows up as a loop on the left side of the letter “o.” Self-deceit is one of the major barriers to personal growth and self improvement. Many counselors look for this trait and have their clients practice making the letter “o” without loops before they begin to work on their issues.

The four graphodeck cards dealing with the letter “o” are shown below so you can easily identify these traits.

If you suspect someone might be lying to you, especially if you are trusting them with your business…

I can’t stress enough….Get a handwriting sample!



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