Secrets & Lies. If you lie for a good reason….is it still wrong?


Secrets, Lies, & Self-Deceit.
What if you ONLY lie in self-defense… Is it still bad?

A few nights ago, I analyzed the handwriting of an actor friend of mine who was “so excited” to have his handwriting analyzed.  He had two traits which most people would be afraid to tell him straight.  Huge STINGERS and big lying loops.So, I just put on my “therapist hat” and approached him with the compassion that everything in the handwriting is not GOOD or BAD, but it developed for a reason… I explained it this way.”You don’t trust people to tell them the entire truth. In your past, being too honest hurt you… so you are selective with who you tell everything too.

Actor’s handwriting: Stinger & Resentment shown in handwriting

In fact, I think lying is just one way to keep yourself safe.  And, you have a serious issue with strong dominant women… was your mother a real bitch? “

He had  the stinger shape shown below:

In this mind, his mother was a real bitch and he thinks that is part of the reason he found the homosexual lifestyle so inviting… he has no attraction to women.Do you know someone who is way too talkative or lies?It is all in the letter o… and show in the video below.I do! It can be annoying but this person would most likely make a great sales person or radio host.Look at the sample for talkative below.

Talkative is seen in the letters o and a, where the loop is left open at the top.If you turn the writing on it’s side,
it appears as though this person’s mouth is wide open. The wider the gap, the more talkative they seem to be.

Can you keep a secret?

Look at the letter o again.

 Video Lesson by: Bart Baggett


The letter o reveals all….

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Does the loop form only on the right hand side of the letter like this?
If so, this indicates a person who is secretive. Someone who has this loop probably won’t go blabbing
your secrets unless all of their loops are open at the top.
We are all a little secretive at times but remember,
if the loop takes up most of the o this person is REALLY secretive
and their may be more going on with them than we realize!
Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret.Another great trait to spot in the letter o is narrow-mindedness.
Before you get into that discussion, you can know how closed-minded someone is and adjust your
persuasive arguement accordingly. If all the letters o, a and e are like the ones show above…
you may just want to exit out the side door and don’t look back.
Please post your comment below on how accurate the double loops are in the letter o.
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-Bart Baggett

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  1. The two traits, lying loops and resentment toward women are highly evident here which makes it easier to analyze. It is great the way in which it was told to the man — gets the point across in a kind way and thereofre the writer may be more willing to accept the truth.

  2. I really become more interested on these while reading.Thanks for sharing! Yes, I must agree secret or lies in a person’s personality can be seen now. It can reveal in her handwriting in a stroke of an “o” or even an “a” . This is really amazing and fun. But here the traits of a person is quite known. It is not necessary if it is proven a lie or not but what is important is, a person who does not tell the truth is using an escape can be analyzed by his own handwriting. However, this analysis might help to determine a part of a person’s qualities. Anyway, everything is explained here. .

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