General David Petraeus – Handwriting of a Cheating Man

Can you spot “cheater” in handwriting?

In the fall of 2013, one of the USA’s top military commanders was shamed into retirement because of a sexual affair. Can you spot the trait of cheater in handwriting?  (I think that is a difficult assignment… what’s your opinion?)

General David Petraeus wrote a letter to his mentor and father figure, retired Brigadier General James Shelton, in which he told him, “I screwed up royally.” Wednesday, November 28, 2012, the British website Daily Mail published the entire contents of that letter along with some interesting observations from General Shelton.

According to this article, General Shelton seems to think that Paula Broadwell was the “temptress” and that General David Petraeus was the “seduced.”


‘She’s also a savvy woman. She’s not a kid. In a lot of ways I think she knows more about the world than Dave – I’m talking about sex.

‘I don’t think Dave ever thought about that too much, he only thought about the Army and gave it everything he had. ‘When he got close to her it became something new and different than what he had with his wife.

The striking thing about this article in the British news is that it seems certain that General Petraeus and his public relations people planted this whole story. General Shelton claims to think of General David Petraeus as a son, so he would not release these personal, intimate details of David Petraeus’ life without his permission.

So, does that mean that General Petraeus is using the same defense that Adam did in the Bible?

The man said, “The woman you put here with me–she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” (Genesis 3:12, NIV)

So, it was that woman, Paula Broadwell. It will be interesting to see how her public relations people fire back.



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