Does Your Handwriting Say You’re a Winner or a Loser?

3 Essential Traits to a Winning Mindset (Advanced Trait Stacking)

One of the most valuable aspects of modern day psychology is helping understand the mindset of champions. You see, if we know how to THINK better, we can THINK better.

As any coach or parent knows, just becuase we understand the process… our students don’t always acheive the success we desire.  Nor, do we.

Urgh.  If wild success were so easy, it wouldn’t so valued, right?

If you’ve read my book Success Secrets of the Rich & Happy, I discuss some key primary traits which are common among successful entrepreneurs and successful people.   The traits of determination and persistence are always among the key traits which seperates winners from losers.

Today’s video talks about Determination and the 3 primary traits, persistence, will power, high self-esteem that can help you idenify determination in handwriting. This video also talks about asking the right kind of questions when you evaluate someone’s handwriting… so you have a better understanding of what motivates them.  This video clipped is from the 501 Advanced Handwriting Analysis Certification Course.

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  1. Bravo! The ‘t’bar, ‘y’tail, ‘i’dot and ‘m’,’n’ ‘h’ hunches have played key roles in the success or failure of men.

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