Pick the Right Person for the Job – Analyze Their Handwriting!

One of the best uses I can think of for Handwriting Analysis is hiring and selection! If you’re like me, you want to avoid problems with employees, tenants, baby sitters, even spouses. In this video segment I’ll show you how to find out if someone is right for the job with just a few simple questions.

Helping someone choose the right person can be a very lucrative career for any handwriting analyst…some experts charge anywhere from $100 to $500 dollars an hour consultation…but you have to be accurate and to do that you need to understand what personality traits contribute to an employees success in the position they are applying for.

The best approach is to ask the employer, what personality traits do they want this person to have and what personality traits do they want to avoid in an employee.

What personality traits would you want for an accountant, a teacher, a salesman, a manager?

Watch this segment taken from the Handwriting Analysis Certification Course…where I role play the handwriting expert hired to consult with Curt Baggett as the hiring employer.

When you follow this example, you’ll get positive results, every time….

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So…who would you pick for the job? Post your answers in the comment
section and give a brief explanation as to why you choose your answer.

Handwriting Sample 1: Steve

Handwriting Sample 2: Alma

If you enjoyed learning this technique and want to learn more…

…we’re introducing more dynamic video segments in our certification course to give you better instructions on how to give an accurate handwriting analysis, with lectures on the Basic Traits, Brain Chemistry, Verbal Analysis, Hiring, Success Traits. Plus, Bart analyzes several handwriting samples live with his audience to give you a thorough understanding of how to pull it all together and give a great verbal analysis.

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  1. Well as far as integrity goes, Steve has lying loops in the word home (second line) indicative of lying.
    His signature is scrawled, not easily readable.
    He does have sharper m and n humps than Alma so he is more of a comprehensive thinker.
    Overall, though his handwriting is messy therefore his workmanship on the job might be messy,he might not persevere.
    So, I would say that Alma would be the better person for the job.
    No lying loops, thus integrity; gets to the point as shown by no lead in strokes
    and her writing is clear.

  2. Steve would be more outgoing for the job because of the size of his writing and he shows persistance in his letter t’s. He has fluity of thought shown in his g in the word go so he would probably be able to have a good rapor. He is an investigative thinker shown in his m’s and h. Now what makes him not a good canidate fof the job: he does not have high goals shown by the t’s in the words not and to. He does not have a good self esteem shown by those same words. Integrety was one of the most important requirements of this job. He has a lying loop in the word home which would be a red flag.

    Almas’ writing is very small and she is an A/B writer. She is probably not an outgoing people person. She has no loops in her y’s makeing her a loner. She is a not a fast thinker shown by her round m’s and n’s. Alma does not have high goals or a high self esteem shown in all her letter t’s.

    If these were your only two applicants for the job and you just HAD to hire one of them, I would recommend hiring Steve, but you would have to keep an eye on him. But what I would suggest is that you not hire either of them and keep looking.

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